[ecoop-info] Postdoc position available on modeling Fog-based systems - SeMaFoR ANR project - Nantes, France

Thomas Ledoux Thomas.Ledoux at imt-atlantique.fr
Tue Jan 19 18:07:30 CET 2021

Dear all,

The NaoMod <https://naomod.github.io/>and STACK 
<http://stack.inria.fr/>research teams at IMT Atlantique (Nantes, 
France) are looking for a high-profile candidate to work as a 
postdoctoral researcher for *18 months *in the context of the*SeMaFoR 
ANR project* (Self-Management of Fog Resources) starting by March-April 

Fog Computing is about decentralizing the Cloud by geographically 
distributing away computation, storage and network resources as well as 
related services. Thus, Fog systems become large, unreliable, very 
dynamic and do not offer a global centralized view for decision-making. 
In this context, the SeMaFoR project aims to support the modeling, 
design and coordination of such decentralized systems in a generic way. 
To address these challenges, the SeMaFoR consortium is composed of 
LS2N-IMT Atlantique (STACK, NaoMod and TASC research teams), 
LIP6-Sorbonne Université (Delys research team) and the Alter Way company.

The postdoctoral researcher will work in the *a**rea of Cloud/Fog 
modeling* and will notably study, specify and implement an Architecture 
Description Language (ADL) targeting such Fog-based systems. She/he will 
have to integrate her/his work within the approach and framework 
developed as the general SeMaFoR solution. Moreover, an important 
objective will be to validate the work industrially with Alter Way in 
the context of the project.

The postdoctoral researcher will work in close collaboration with Dr. 
Hugo Bruneliere (NaoMod team, IMT Atlantique - Nantes Campus) and Prof. 
Thomas Ledoux (STACK team, IMT Atlantique - Nantes Campus).
Hugo Bruneliere (hugo.bruneliere at imt-atlantique.fr) & Thomas Ledoux 
(thomas.ledoux at imt-atlantique.fr)
IMT Atlantique - Campus Nantes
4, rue Alfred Kastler - BP 20722
44307 NANTES Cedex 3

Profile and Skills
The postdoctoral researcher must already hold a PhD degree in Computer 
Science, with a solid background in Software Engineering and Modeling. 
Ideally, she/he must also have a (very) good knowledge and interest in 
Cloud Computing or more generally in Distributed Systems. In addition, 
strong programming skills are highly recommended.
She/he must have good oral and written communication skills in English, 
with the aim to publish and present research results in high-level 
international journals and conferences.
Autonomous, curious and strongly motivated candidates are expected.

The postdoctoral researcher will sign an 18-month contract at IMT 
Atlantique. The work will take place at the Nantes campus of IMT 
Atlantique (West of France, only 2 hours from Paris by train), with 
participation in the SeMaFoR project events (e.g., meetings in Paris).
The annual gross salary will be around 35.000€, including complete 
health insurance and other social benefits provided by the French state.
The candidate is expected to start in March 2021, though a few months’ 
delay could be envisioned in case of a very solid and interesting 

Very good applications are expected to be received before *January 31, 
Interested candidates should send the following documents to 
hugo.bruneliere at imt-atlantique.fr and thomas.ledoux at imt-atlantique.fr:
- A detailed CV, including the complete list of already published 
scientific work;
- A letter of motivation, highlighting the match between the application 
and the position;
- One or more letters of recommendation from past academic advisors;
- Generally, any other document or pieces of information that can 
demonstrate the high quality of the application.

IMT Atlantique <http://www.imt-atlantique.fr> 	
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