[ecoop-info] Call for participation: 30th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA'21) and the 35th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP'21)

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Fri Jul 2 23:24:00 CEST 2021


                The 30th Edition of ISSTA and the 35th Edition of ECOOP

                                          Call for Participation

                                          11th-17th July 2021



                      Co-located with REBASE 2021 and SPIN 2021


The ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis

is the leading research symposium on software testing and analysis,

together academics, industrial researchers, and practitioners to exchange

ideas, problems, and experience on how to analyze and test software

ECOOP is Europe’s longest-standing annual Programming Languages conference,

bringing together researchers, practitioners, and students to share their
ideas and

experiences in all topics related to programming languages, software

object-oriented technologies, systems and applications. ECOOP welcomes high

quality research papers relating to these fields in a broad sense.



Registration to ECOOP 2021 and ISSTA 2021 is still open - and free of

If you haven't registered yet, there are still a few days left to do so. The
registration is

free for all attendees. You need to register in order to access the Zoom
rooms and videos.

Registration link: [1].



The ISSTA 2021 program [2] and the ECOOP 2021 program [3] are up online.

ISSTA is celebrating its 30th edition and ECOOP, its 35th.

To mark the occasion, we have invited 18 experts to chair nine “Discussion
with Experts”

sessions, each 40-minutes long. In addition, ISSTA will hold two panels on
the past and

future of software testing and analysis at ISSTA, featuring senior members
of the


Tune in for a busy week with 51 ISSTA papers, 24 ECOOP papers, a joint
poster session,

summer school, tool demos, and seven workshops.

Presentations will be given twice across three timebands to accommodate the

audience. This model ensures that anyone across the world can watch each
talk at a

reasonable time.

During the week, ECOOP will present multiple awards:

- The AITO Dahl-Nygaard Senior prize to Kim Bruce

- The AITO Dahl-Nygaard Junior prize to Karim Ali

- The AITO Test of Time award 2021 to Gregor Kiczales, Erik Hilsdale, Jim
Hugunin, Mik

   Kersten, Jeffrey Palm, William G. Griswold, for their work published at

   "An Overview of AspectJ"

- Two distinguished paper awards to:

  - “Lossless, Persisted Summarization of Static Callgraph, Points-To and
Data-Flow Analysis”

     by Philipp Schubert, Ben Hermann, and Eric Bodden.

  - “Multiparty Languages: the Choreographic and Multitier Cases” by
Saverio Giallorenzo,

     Fabrizio Montesi, Marco Peressotti, David Richter, Guido Salvaneschi
and, Pascal


ISSTA will also present:

- The ISSTA Impact Paper award to "Automated Debugging: Past, Present, and

   from Alessandro Orso and Chris Parnin.

- Four distinguished paper awards:

  - “Type and Interval aware Array Constraint Solving for Symbolic
Execution”, by Ziqi Shuai,

     Zhenbang Chen, Yufeng Zhang, Jun Sun, and Ji Wang.

  - “A Lightweight Framework for Function Name Reassignment Based on
Large-Scale Stripped

     Binaries”, by Han Gao, Shaoyin Cheng, Yinxing Xue, and Weiming Zhang.

  - “SAND: A Static Analysis Approach for Detecting SQL Antipatterns”, by
Yingjun Lyu,

     Sasha Volokh, William G.J. Halfond, and Omer Tripp.

  - “Test-Case Prioritization for Configuration Testing”, by Runxiang
Cheng, Lingming Zhang,

     Darko Marinov, and Tianyin Xu.

This year, ISSTA and ECOOP are co-located with REBASE and SPIN, giving all
communities the

chance to interact and exchange ideas at the intersection of testing,
analysis, and programming


Looking forward to meeting you online!

More Information


For additional information, please visit the ISSTA’21 and ECOOP’21 website

[1] https://conf.researchr.org/attending/ecoop-issta-2021/registration


[3] https://2021.ecoop.org/track/ecoop-2021-ecoop-research-papers#program

[4] https://conf.researchr.org/home/ecoop-issta-2021

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