[ecoop-info] CFP - Workshop on Goal-directed Execution of Answer Set Programs (GDE 2021)

Miguel Areias miguel-areias at dcc.fc.up.pt
Tue Jun 15 12:32:40 CEST 2021

                           CALL FOR PAPERS
     GDE 2021: Workshop on Goal-directed Execution of Answer Set Programs

    A workshop of 37th International Conference on Logic Programming
                        September 20-27, 2021
                     (the event will be virtual)


Workshop Aim:

Answer set programming is a successful extension of logic programming
for solving combinatorial problems as well as knowledge representation
and reasoning problems. Most current implementations of ASP work by
grounding a program and using a SAT solver-like technology to find the
answer sets. While this approach is extremely efficient, relying on
grounding of the program leads to significant blow-up of the program
size, and computing the whole model makes finding justification of an
atom in the model hard. This limits the applicability of ASP to
problems dealing with large knowledge bases. Goal-directed or
query-driven execution strategies have been proposed that do not
require grounding. The goal of this workshop is to foster discussion
around challenges and opportunities that such approaches present.

Tentative list of topics include:

* Non-grounding based implementations of ASP
* Constructive Negation
* Implementation Technology for Goal-directed ASP
* Applications of Goal-directed ASP
* Query-driven Constraint ASP
* System Description
* Tabling in goal-directed ASP Systems
* Coinductive Logic Programming and ASP

Submission Instructions:

Technical papers, position papers, as well as extended abstracts are
welcome.  Papers should be maximum 15 pages long and in LNCS Format.
Email the paper in pdf format to the workshop organizers by the
deadline date.

Important Dates:

Paper Submission: August 5, 2021
Decision Notification: August 15, 2021
Workshop Date: TBA (During one of ICLP'21 Conference days)

Invited Speakers:



*Gopal Gupta, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA;
  Gopal.Gupta at utdallas.edu

*Joaquin Arias, Joaquin Arias, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain;
  Joaquin.Arias at urjc.es

*Elmer Salazar, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA;
  Elmer.Salazar at utdallas.edu

Program Committee:



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