[ecoop-info] 6-months internship on Event-driven API Orchestration Architecture

Dalila Tamzalit dalila.tamzalit at univ-nantes.fr
Fri Oct 29 18:52:26 CEST 2021

-- Apologies for cross-posting --

We are happy to propose a 6-month internship for students in Master 2 or 
final year of software engineering school. This internship addresses an 
innovative research and development subject and will strengthen a new 
international collaboration, embodying academics and a company.

The internship is supported by Salvia Développement and supervised by:

 1. Olf Zimmermann, The Open Group Distinguished (Chief/Lead) IT
    Architect. Co-Autor (and master thesis advisor) of Context Mapper
    <https://contextmapper.org>; author of MDSL
    language and tools; master thesis advisor for AsyncMDSL
    See https://ozimmer.ch/about/ <https://ozimmer.ch/about/> for more
 2. Jean-Philippe Gouigoux, CTO Groupe SALVIA, France,
    jp.gouigoux at salviadeveloppement.com
    <mailto:jp.gouigoux at salviadeveloppement.com>
 3. Dalila Tamzalit, Associate-Professor, LS2N, Université of Nantes,
    NaoMod team, expertise in software architecture evolution,
    Dalila.Tamzalit at univ-nantes.fr <mailto:Dalila.Tamzalit at univ-nantes.fr>
 4. Rafael Capilla, Associate Professor at Reu Juan Carlos University
    (URJC) of Madrid (Spain), rafael.capilla at urjc.es
    <mailto:rafael.capilla at urjc.es>

The subject is available at this link 

Before applying, please consider the required skills.

Best regards,


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