[ecoop-info] ETAPS Mentoring Workshop 2022 - Call for Participation

Caterina Urban caterina.urban at ens.fr
Thu Feb 17 22:28:52 CET 2022

ETAPS Mentoring Workshop 2022
3rd April 2022

Call for Participation

As a PhD student, or Master student with research ambitions, you may wonder how internationally recognised researchers in computer science could become what they are now. What can one learn from their example? What do successful research paths look like? Are the important factors just as expected, or are there surprising aspects which make the difference? What is important to think about at your stage?

We welcome PhD students, and Master students with research ambitions, to join the Mentoring Workshop at ETAPS 2022! During this workshop, well known computer science researchers, of different seniority, will give inspirational talks about their path they took, what was important on the way, and insights they want to pass on to early career researchers. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussions and interaction, during the workshop and in the social programme around it.

We are proud that we could secure the following speakers:
Erika Ábrahám <https://ths.rwth-aachen.de/people/erika-abraham/>, RWTH Aachen
Eva Darulova <https://malyzajko.github.io/>, Uppsala University
Laura Kovács <http://lkovacs.com/>, Vienna University of Technology
Peter Müller <https://www.pm.inf.ethz.ch/people/person-detail.html?persid=112017>, ETH Zurich
Martin Schäf <https://www.martinschaef.de/>, Amazon AWS
Martin Wirsing <https://www.sosy-lab.org/people/wirsing/>, LMU Munich

You  register for the Mentoring Workshop by registering for “Satellite (Workshops) Sunday” at the ETAPS registration page. (You may also want to register for the main conference. But note that these registrations do not overlap.) The early registration deadline is very soon (20 Feb), but the normal registration is open until 10 March. (After that, the late registration fee applies.)

ETAPS provides some student scholarships, see link below.

Important links:

ETAPS Mentoring Workshop: https://etaps.org/user-profile/archive/53-etaps-2022/486-mentoring-workshop-2022 <https://etaps.org/user-profile/archive/53-etaps-2022/486-mentoring-workshop-2022>
ETAPS 2022 in Munich: https://etaps.org/ <https://etaps.org/>
ETAPS 2022 registration: https://etaps.org/2022/registration <https://etaps.org/2022/registration>
ETAPS student scholarships (application deadline 1 March): https://etaps.org/2022/student-scholarships

In case of questions, please contact the organizers:
Wolfgang Ahrendt <http://www.cse.chalmers.se/~ahrendt/>, Chalmers University of Technology
Gidon Ernst <https://www.sosy-lab.org/people/ernst/>, LMU Munich
Caterina Urban <https://caterinaurban.github.io/>, Inria & École Normale Supérieure | PSL University

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