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           3rd International Rules Challenge
          co-located with the Business Rules Forum                      

           November 5-7 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


                        Latest News                                 
     3rd Int. Rules Challenge - Open Call for Submissions           
 Keynotes and special talks by                                      
     Sandro Hawke (W3C Contact) about W3C RIF                       
     Donald Chapin (OMG BMI Chair) about OMG SBVR                   
     Paul Vincent (TIBCO CTO) about CEP and Rules                   
     Jans Aasman (Franz Inc. CEO)                                   
 Tutorials by                                                       
     Christian Saint Marie (ILog/IBM) - W3C RIF Tutorial            
     Larry Goldberg and Babara von Halle - Decision Management      
     Mark Proctor (Drools) - Drools Tutorial                        
     Guido Governatori (NICTA) - Business Process Compliance          
 RuleML in the top venues for scientific impact factor in CiteSeerX 
 Forthcoming RuleML special journal issue                            
 Additional CEUR Proceedings for Rules Challenge papers             
 New categories in the Challenge with prestigious prizes              
 W3C Rule Interchange Format workshop (more information below)      
 OMG and industrial standards sessions, lunch panel on Web Rules     
 Student grants of the value of up to $1000 plus free registration  
 20% RuleML-2009 Partner discounts - see registration page          
         Super Early Bird Registration Deadline ends soon!          

Open Call for Submissions to the 2009 Rules Challenge

The Rules Challenge is one of the highlights at RuleML-2009 with prestigious
prizes. Submissions of benchmarks/evaluations, demos, case studies / use
cases, experience reports, best practice solutions (e.g. design patterns,
reference architectures, models), rule-based implementations/ tools/
applications, demonstrations engineering methods, implementations of rule
standards (e.g. RuleML, RIF, SBVR, PRR, rule-based Event Processing
languages, BPMN+rules, BPEL+rules, ...), rules + industrial standards (e.g.
XBRL, MISMO, Accord, ...), and industrial problem statements are
particularly  encouraged. 

The participants of the Challenge have the opportunity to understand the
most current trend of rule technology and standard development through
highly interactive with the experts in this field. 

In addition to your demo/hands-on/report/.. it is possible to submit
Challenge demo papers describing research, implementation, and technical
details of your submission. The peer-reviewed and selected papers will be
published in additional special Challenge proceedings (will be published as
CEURS proceedings www.CEUR-WS.org) along with the online publication of your
demo in the highly visible growing Rules Challenge pool
(http://ruleml-challenge.cs.nccu.edu.tw). A selection of revised papers from
the Challenge will be resubmitted to a special issue of a journal.

Authors are invited to submit original contributions of practical relevance
and technical rigor in the field, benchmarks, evaluations, experience
reports and show case/use case demonstrations of effective, practical,
deployable rule-based technologies or applications in distributed
environments. Papers must be in English. 

Demo papers submission website:

Demo systems submission website: http://ruleml-challenge.cs.nccu.edu.tw

Please upload all submissions as PDF files in LNCS format
(http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html). To ensure high quality,
submitted papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by 3 PC members based on
originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition.
Submissions to the Rules Challenge 2009 consist of a demo paper of 4-8
pages, describing the demo show case, and a link to more information about
the demo/show case, e.g. a project site, an online demonstration, a
presentation about the demonstration, or a download site for the
demonstration. In case of product demos, the link can be password-protected:
please submit a password for anonymous login from any Web browser, giving us
the permission to pass the password on to 3 PC members.          

Important Date
September 4th   - submission deadline for demo papers and demo systems
September 15th - notification of accepted demo papers and demo systems
October 29th  -  submission deadline for demo systems only 
          MAKE RULEML-2009 YOUR SHOWCASE!    

2009 Rules Challenge Program Committee
see Challenge website http://2009.ruleml.org/challenge

W3C RIF Workshop at RuleML-2009
The W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group (www.w3.org/2005/rules/)
has recently published 6 specifications for the W3C Rule Interchange Format
standard which includes a W3C RIF Production Rules Dialect (RIF-PRD) and a
W3C Basic Logic Dialect (RIF-BLD).

The mission of the Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group is to produce
W3C recommendations for rules interchange languages. Next step will be the
call for implementations of RIF which might be demonstrated at the
RuleML-2009 W3C RIF Workshop. Upcoming future RIF dialects might address a
reaction rules dialect for rule-based complex event processing (CEP).

The new RIF standard is featured at the RuleML 2009 Conference in a W3C RIF
workshop in November 2009 (see http://2009.ruleml.org) with a keynote from
Sandro Hawke (W3C staff representative on the RIF WG) and a tutorial from
Christian de Sainte Marie (ILOG/IBM, co-chair of the RIF WG). There will be
also keynote by Paul Vincent (TIBCO CTO for Business Rules and CEP, EPTS-RA
WG Co-Chair) about "Why Rules Matter in Complex Event Processing... and vice
versa" and a keynote by Donald Chapin (co-chair of the OMG Business Modeling
& Integration Domain Task Force, co-chair OMG SBVR) about "Terminology: The
Semantic Foundation for an Organization's Executable Rules".

About RuleML-2009
This year, the 3rd International Symposium on Rules, Applications and
Interoperability (RuleML-2009) takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,
collocated with the 12th Business Rules Forum, the world's largest Business
Rules event. RuleML-2009 is devoted to practical distributed rule
technologies and rule-based applications. The International Symposium on
Rules, Applications and Interoperability has evolved from an annual series
of international workshops since 2002, international conferences in 2005 and
2006, and international symposia since 2007, and is now in the top 100
venues for scientific impact factor in CiteseerX

Supported by
W3C, OMG, ACM, AAAI, ECCAI, IAAIL, ACM, Belgian Business Rules Forum MIT
Sloan CIO Symposium, EPTS, BPM Forum Belgium

Sponsored by
BBN Technologies
Franz Inc
NICTA (National ICT Australia) Ltd
Corporate Semantic Web
Logic Programming Associated Ltd
Modelsystems Ltd

(sponsoring opportunities: http://2009.ruleml.org/sponsors)


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