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                        TOOLS EUROPE 2009
                  47th International Conference
              Objects, Models, Components, Patterns

                         co-located with
     *** International Conference on Model Transformation 2009 ***
             *** International conference on Tests and Proofs 2009 ***
           *** Software Engineering Approaches for Offshore
               and Outsourced Development 2009 ***
              *** Software composition 2009 ***

           ETH Zurich, Switzerland 29 June - 3 July 2009



Final Call for Participation

TOOLS EUROPE 2009 invites future participants to register. The event  
will be
devoted to the combination of technologies that have emerged as a  
result of
object technology becoming "mainstream". Like its predecessors, TOOLS
EUROPE 2009 combines an emphasis on quality with a strong practical  

Started in 1989, TOOLS conferences, held in Europe, the USA, Australia,
China and Eastern Europe, have played a major role in the development of
object technology field; many of the seminal concepts were first  
at TOOLS. After twenty years of existence, TOOLS is a yearly event  
that gathers
the research community to discuss practical topics in OO technologies  
Software Engineering.

Contributions focus on all aspects of object technology and
neighboring fields, in particular model-based development, component-
based development, and patterns (design, analysis and other  
For a preview of the program, please refer to the webpage of the  

All contributions were subject to a rigorous selection process -
acceptance rate of 25% - by the international Program Committee,
with a stress on originality, practicality and overall quality. The
proceedings should be published in Springer LNBIP.

The conference will also host keynotes from internationally recognized  
including Gerti Kappel, Benjamin Pierce, JanVitek, Stéphane Ducasse,  
Paul Klint,
Carlo Ghezzi, Narayanasamy Ramasubbu.

Important Dates

Conference: June 29 - July 3, 2009
Advance registration: 24 June 2009 or before

After the advance registration date, registration will be on site  
only. The
registration form can be found on the TOOLS website.


A list of suggested hotels can be found on the TOOLS website at the  
following URL


Conference chair : Bertrand Meyer, Zurich
Program chair: Manuel Oriol, York
Workshop Chair: Alexandre Bergel, Lille and Johan Fabry, Santiago
Publicity Chair: Philippe Lahire, Nice and Marcus Denker, Santiago

Program committee

Patrick Albert, Balbir S. Barn, Mike Barnett, Claude R. Baudoi,
Bernhard Beckert, Alexandre Bergel, Judith Bishop, Phil Brooke,  
Calcagno, Ana Cavalcanti, Dave Clarke, Bernard Coulette, Jing Dong,
Stephane Ducasse, Gregor Engels, Patrick Eugster, Manuel Fahndrich, Jose
Luiz Fiadeiro, Michael Franz, Judit Nyekyne Gaizler, Benoit Garbinato,
Carlo Ghezzi, Tudor Girba, Martin Glinz, Martin Gogolla, Jeff Gray,  
Guerreiro, Joseph Kiniry, Ralf Laemmel, Philippe Lahire, Mingshu Li,  
Manolescu, Erik Meijer, Peter Mueller, Jonathan Ostroff, Richard Paige,
Marc Pantel, Alfonso Pierantonio, Alexander Pretschner, Bran Selic,
Anatoly Shalyto, Perdita Stevens, Eric Tanter, Dave Thomas, Laurence  
Antonio Vallecillo, Roel Wuyts, Amiram Yehudai, Andreas Zeller

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