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Extended Dead-Line, 2nd Call of papers :


KARE 2009 : Knowledge Acquisition, Reuse and Evaluation
Ontology and Semantic Web Services for Knowledge Management

Ontology and Semantic Web Services for Knowledge Management
Second International Workshop on
Knowledge Acquisition, Reuse and Evaluation

In conjunction with the fourth IEEE international conference on  
Signal-Image Technology & Internet Based Systems

(SITIS 2009)

November 29th - December 4rd, 2009, Marrakech, Morocco

Important Dates
Submission deadline : September, 20th
Notification : October, 1st
Final date for camera-ready copy : October, 15th
Author registration due date  : October, 15st

The International Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Reuse and  
Evaluation aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers,  
and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new  
ideas, and research results about all aspects of Knowledge, Ontology  
and Sermantic Web Services Engineering. We will discuss the practical  
challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

This workshop will focus on the theoreticians and practitioners  
concerned with developing methods and systems that assist the  
knowledge management process and assessing the suitability of such  
methods. Thus, the workshop includes all aspects of acquiring,  
modeling and managing knowledge, and their role in the construction of  
knowledge-based systems. Knowledge acquisition still remains the  
bottleneck for building a knowledge based system. Reuse and sharing of  
knowledge bases are major issues and no satisfactory solutions have  
been agreed upon yet. There is a wide range of research. Much of the  
work in this field has been knowledge acquisition. The advent of the  
age of digital information has brought the problem of knowledge reuse  
and knowledge evaluation. Our ability to analyze, evaluate and assist  
user in reusing knowledge present a great challenge of the next years.  
A new generation of computational techniques and tools is required to  
support the acquisition, the reuse and the evaluation of useful  
knowledge from the rapidly growing volume of information. All of these  
are to be discussed in this workshop.

A non-exhaustive list of topics for the workshop includes the following:

? Tools and techniques for knowledge acquisition, knowledge update and  
knowledge validation
? Semantic web inference methodologies
? Semantic knowledge portals
? Web-based approaches for knowledge management
? Agent-based approaches for knowledge management
? Software agents for semantic web
? Semantic web-based knowledge management
? Tools, languages, and techniques for semantic annotation
? Semantic searching
? Semantic brokering
? CSCW and cooperative approaches for knowledge management
? Agent-based approaches for knowledge management
? Evaluation of knowledge acquisition techniques
? Information and knowledge structures
? Languages and frameworks for knowledge and knowledge modeling
? Ontology creation, evolution, reconciliation, and mediation
? Ontology-based approaches for knowledge management
? Knowledge delivery methods
? Knowledge life cycle
? Knowledge and information extraction and discovery techniques
? Corporate Semantic Webs for knowledge management
? Peer-to-peer approaches for knowledge management
? Knowledge extraction from images/pictures
? Intelligent knowledge-based systems
? Decision support and expert systems
? Re-usability of software/knowledge/information

Workshop Organizers
Contact Point: Davy Monticolo(davy.monticolo at utbm.fr)

Workshop Chairs:

Paolo Ceravolo, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
Davy Monticolo, University of Technology UTBM (France)

International Program Committee
     * Hamid R. Arabnia, University of Georgia, USA
     * Tomas Arredondo, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria  
(UTFSM), Valparaiso, Chile
     * Azita Bahrami, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah,  
Georgia, USA
     * Djamal Benslimane, University of Lyon, France
     * Ismail Biskri, Université de Québec à Trois Rivières, Canada
     * Valerie Camps, Universite Paul Sabatier, France
     * Laurence Capus, Université Laval (Quebec), Canada
     * Nathalie Chaignaud, INSA Rouen, France
     * Claudia D'Amato, Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy
     * Ernesto Damiani, University of Milan, Italy
     * John Domingue, The Open University, UK
     * David Faure, Thales R&T, France
     * Fabien Gandon, INRIA, France
     * Samuel Gomes, UTBM, France
     * Michael Grüninger, University of Toronto, Canada
     * Miguel Ángel Gómez-Nieto, University of Córdoba, Spain
     * William Grosky, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA
     * Susan Haller, State University of New York at Potsdam, USA
     * Dusan Husek, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
     * Mustafa Jarrar, University of Birzeit, Palestine
     * Abderrafiaa Koukam, UTBM, France
     * Lenka Lhotska Czech Technical University in Prague
     * Gaëlle Lortal, Thales R&T, France
     * Ronald Maier, University of Innsbruck, Austria
     * Ashok Mallya, Veraz Networks, USA
     * Andy Marsh, Director, HoIP CIC, UK
     * Jean-Charles Marty, University of Savoie, France
     * Matsui Masayoshi, National Instisute of Advanced Industrial,  
Science and Technology, Japan
     * Nada Matta, University of Technology UTT, France
     * Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto, Canada
     * Brahim Medjahed, University of Michigan, USA
     * Abhijit Mitra, Indian Institute of Technology, India
     * Adrian Mocan, DERI Innsbruck, Austria
     * Bernard Moulin, Université Laval (Quebec), Canada
     * Pit Pichappan, Annamalai University, India
     * Tomas Pitner, Masaryk University of Brno, Czek Republic
     * Monica Scannapieco, University of Rome, Italy
     * Carla Simone, University of Milano-Bicocca Italy
     * Monika Solanki, Imperial College London, UK
     * Ritu Soni, Guru Nanak Girls College, India + Kurukshertra,  
University, India
     * André Trudel, Acadia University, Canada
     * Somkait Udomhunsakul, King Mongkutt?s Institute of Technology,  
Ladkrabang, Thailand
     * Marja Naaranoja Vaasa, University of Applied Sciences, Finland
     * Martin Wolpers, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany
     * Mariemma Yague, University of Malaga, Spain
     * Laurence T. Yang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
     * Chen Yuehui, University of Jinan, China
     * Cecilia Zanni, INSA Strasbourg, France
     * Antonio Zilli, eBusiness Management Sector - Scuola Superiore  
ISUFI - University of Salento (Italy)
     * Ales Zivkovic, University of Maribor, Slovenia

You are invited to submit full length papers, not exceeding 8 pages in  
length, in two-column format including diagrams and references,  
following IEEE publication guidelines. Papers that do not follow these  
guidelines may be rejected without consideration of their merits.

Papers must be submitted electronically to the contact point in PDF  
format. All workshops will be published by IEEE in a single total  
conference volume and fully indexed by IEEE Xplore.
Selected papers after extension will be published in the following journals:
- Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM) (ISSN 0972-7272)
- Journal of Information Assurance and Security (JIAS) (ISSN 1554-1010)
- International Journal of Computanional Intelligence Research (ISSN  
- International Journal for Infonomics (IJI) (ISSN 1742-4712)
- International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured  
Transactions (IJITST) (ISSN 1748-569X)
All papers will be reviewed by at least three Program Committee  
members on the basis of technical quality, originality, clarity, and  
relevance to the track topics listed below. Accepted papers will be  
published in the conference proceedings. At least one author of each  
paper must attend the workshop to present the paper.

Camera Ready papers should follow the IEEE conference templates.

Send your paper in format pdf to davy.monticolo at utbm.fr or in the  
SITIS Website : http://www.u-bourgogne.fr/SITIS/09/

Paolo Ceravolo & Davy Monticolo
KARE2009 chairs

Davy Monticolo
Associate Professor
SeT Laboratory
University of Technology UTBM
Department of Computing and Mechanical Engineering
Site Web : http://sites.estvideo.net/davy.monticolo/

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