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            Call for Papers
Intl. Journal of Communication Systems (IJCS)
           SPECIAL ISSUE ON 
   Advances in Multimedia Communications

Paper Submission Deadline: May. 1, 2010


Recent advances in communications technologies have witnessed a growing and evolving multimedia 
content delivery market based on information gathering, manipulation, and dissemination. It is 
a fact that personal communications, computing, broadcasting, entertainment, etc. have turned 
into streams of multimedia content, and the various communication and network technologies have 
become the means to carry that content to a wide variety of terminals. Unlike traditional 
communication systems, a fundamental challenge for present and future communication systems is 
the ability to transport multimedia content over a variety of networks energy-efficiently at 
different channel conditions and bandwidth capacities with various requirements of 
quality-of-service. There are many issues need to be addressed such as signal processing, 
collaborations, power management, flexible delivery, specialization of new content, dynamic 
access, telecommunications, networking, etc., due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the 
applications in advanced multimedia communications.
The goal of this issue is to bring together the state of the art research contribution that 
describes original and unpublished work addressing the new emerging techniques on multimedia 
communications. Especially, we solicit research papers on addressing challenging issues existing 
for enabling mobile multimedia communications over heterogeneous infrastructure for realizing 
next generation networking and computing, e.g., 4 G all IP networks, ad hoc networks, wireless 
sensor networks, ubiquitous computing environments, cognitive radio networks, etc. For example, 
ubiquitous multimedia is a requirement in next generation networks, such as multimedia adaption 
in wireless network; multimedia services in ubiquitous circumstance; improving distributed 
multimedia communication through location awareness, action awareness, user awareness, etc. 
On the other hand, due to the limited computational power, memory and battery energy in wireless 
and portable terminals, power efficient design also plays important role in next generation 
mobile multimedia applications.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following scope:
*New emerging multimedia applications and architectures
- Enabling multimedia capability in E-healthcare, Smart house etc.;
- Wireless sensor system for video surveillance
- Mobile and multimedia communications in sensor networks
- Ubiquitous and ‘green’ multimedia design next generation networks

*Video communication over next generation networks
- Energy efficient and scalable control in next generation wireless video terminals
- Cost effective and low power video coding design in wireless networks
- Frontiers in game theory and multimedia systems
- Distributed video coding and dissemination in wireless networks

*Emerging technologies for multimedia communications
- Multimedia communications in new emerging systems 
- Resource allocation in energy-constrained wireless multimedia networks
- Collaborative in-network processing;
- Cross-layer design for multimedia communications;
- Distributed coding and joint source-channel coding;
- Error resilience and concealment;
- Resource allocation and system scheduling;
- Multimedia security.

Important Dates 

Paper Submission Deadline: May. 1, 2010
1st Notification of acceptance: Aug. 1, 2010
Submission due date of revised paper: Sep. 1, 2010
2nd Notification of acceptance: Oct. 15, 2010
Submission of final revised paper: Nov. 15, 2010
Publication date: Mar., 2011 (Tentative)


Papers are solicited for the special issue, guidelines for preparation of the manuscripts, 
are provided at the International Journal of Communication Systems website, 
The authors need to submit their papers online while sending a cover letter to all of the 
guest editors. The cover letter must include paper title, abstract, the corresponding 
author's name and affiliation. The "Subject field" of the email must contain 
"IJCS Multimedia Paper - ". All papers will be rigorously reviewed based on the quality: 
originality, high scientific quality, organization and clarity of writing, and support 
provided for assertions and conclusion. 

Guest Editors

Prof. Victor C. M. Leung (University of British Columbia, Canada, vleung at ece.ubc.ca) 
Prof. Yang Xiao (University of Alabama, USA, yangxiao at cs.ua.edu ) 
Prof. Min Chen   (Seoul National University, Korea, minchen at ieee.org)
Prof. Takahiro Hara  (Osaka University, Japan, hara at ist.osaka-u.ac.jp)
Dr. Liang Zhou (ENSTA-ParisTech, France, liang.zhou at ieee.org)

For more information, please contact the corresponding guest editor 
Prof. Min Chen (minchen at ieee.org).

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