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Towards Scalable and Dependable Computing in the Cloud

Distributed systems, Cloud computing, QoS, SLA, Scalability, Dependability

Cloud Computing is a paradigm for enabling remote, on-demand access to a 
set of configurable computing resources. A Cloud may stand at different 
levels of the hardware and software stack where: (i) an Infrastructure 
as a Service (IaaS) cloud enables access to hardware resources such as 
servers and storage devices, (ii) a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud 
allows the access to software resources such as operating systems and 
software development environment, and (iii) a Software as a Service 
(SaaS) cloud is an alternative to classical software applications 
running locally on personal computers which are, instead, provided 
remotely by the cloud (e.g. messaging services, document editing 
services, etc.). Although Cloud Computing provides a means to support 
remote, on-demand access to computing resources, its ad-hoc management 
poses significant challenges to the scalability, performance, 
dependability and economical costs of cloud services.

A differentiating element between Cloud Computing environments will be 
the quality-of service (QoS) and the service level agreement (SLA) 
provided by the cloud. However, service composition and cloud elasticity 
that underlie Cloud Computing make cloud management challenging. The 
proposed PhD project aims at investigating novel protocols for scalabile 
and efficient cloud provisioning, while guaranteeing dependability and 
reducing costs. The project will study an innovative approach that 
combines control theory techniques with distributed algorithms in order 
to build self-elastic clouds. Novel models, control laws, and 
distributed algorithms will be proposed for automated provisioning, 
configuration and deployment of cloud services to meet SLA requirements, 
while tackling scalability and dynamics issues.

Distributed computing systems, Distributed algorithms, Java programming

A PhD studentship for 3 years is available. The monthly gross salary is 
1 947.80 € during the two first years and 2 048.60 € during the last year.
The successful candidate will join the SARDES Distributed Systems 
Research Group at INRIA Grenoble:

SARDES Research Group
655, avenue de l'Europe, Montbonnot
38334 St Ismier Cedex, France

Application materials (including CV and the names of two referees) 
should be sent by email to Dr Sara Bouchenak.

Sara.Bouchenak at inria.fr

Phone: +33 (0)4 7661 53 82 | Fax: +33 (0)4 7661 52 52

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