[ecoop-info] IEEE SYSTEMS JOURNAL: Special Issue on “Smart Grid Communications Systems”

Paris Kitsos pkitsos at eap.gr
Thu Dec 8 10:18:18 CET 2011

Special Issue on “Smart Grid Communications Systems”

The future-generation power grid, also known as smart grid, is a
modernized grid that uses state-of-the-art information technology in the
areas of sensing, communications, monitoring, control and computing to
improve greenness, efficiency, security, sustainability and stability.
The success of smart power grid is highly dependent on the communication
systems that support efficient two-way energy and information flows. In
addition to delivering a large amount of power data, the communication
architecture is required to support demand response management, load
balancing, self-healing and operation in islanded mode, and seamless
integration of renewable energy sources. The emerging research field of
smart grid has created multi-disciplinary research opportunities and
The aim of this special issue is to present a collection of high-quality
research papers that report the latest research advances in smart grid
communication systems.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
•    Communications architectures and systems
•    Smart Meters and Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
•    Home-area, Neighborhood-area, Field-area, and Wide-area networks
•    Sensor and actuator networks for smart grid
•    Cyber-physical system and cyber-physical approach
•    Analysis, model, optimization, monitoring, and control
•    Security and privacy management
•    Demand response management
•    Greenness, efficiency, reliability, availability, robustness, and
•    Simulation related issues regarding Smart Grid communications
•    Communication in Smart Grids applications, e.g., Home Energy Management, AMI,
      Outage Management, Distribution Management, Distribution Automation, etc.


All manuscripts for this special issue should be submitted
electronically to the IEEE Systems Journal website
(http://isj.engineering.utsa.edu/papersub.html). Authors should indicate
that their manuscript is being submitted for the Special Issue on Smart
Grid Communications Systems. All submissions must be prepared according
to IEEE Systems Journal submission guidelines.


•    Paper submission deadline: April 1, 2012
•    Acceptance notification: August 1, 2012
•    Publication date: TBD by EiC


•    Seong-Lyun Kim, Yonsei University, Korea. Email: slkim at yonsei.ac.kr
•    Paris Kitsos, Hellenic Open University / Knossosnet Research Group, Greece. Email: pkitsos at ieee.org
•    Maziar Nekovee, BT Research and Technology, UK. Email: maziar.nekovee at bt.com
•    Richard Yu, Carleton University, Canada. Email: Richard_yu at carleton.ca
•    Yan Zhang, Simula Research Laboratory and University of Oslo, Norway. Email: yanzhang at ieee.org

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