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******* Apologies if you get multiple announcements ******

Dear colleagues and friends,

Following up previous information on CAISE 2011(23rd International 
Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering) we would like to 
draw your attention to the following specialized events that will be 
held in conjunction with the conference. Please see below their 

I hope to meet you at London next summer.
Best regards,

Rébecca Deneckere
CAISE’2011 Publicity Chair

Conceptualization of Modelling Methods (CMM)

A growing number of groups around the world design, in a variety of 
application domains, their individual modelling methodologies in 
addition to the standard ones. Although there are a lot of prototypical 
implementations there is no conclusive answer on how meta-modelling 
concepts and meta-modelling platforms address challenges that arise when 
it comes to implementing theoretical method specifications as an 
IT-based modelling technique.
Thus the workshop aims to offer a forum where researchers can exchange 
ideas and start or expand cooperation with like-minded colleagues on 
these topics.

Organisers: Dimitris Karagiannis and Xavier Franch

Submission deadline: 25th of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 14th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 30th of March 2011


Domain Specific Engineering (DsE at CAiSE’2011)

Domain Specific Engineering (DsE) is concerned with building reusable 
assets, such as specification sets, patterns, and components, in 
specific domains. A domain in this context can be defined as an area of 
knowledge that uses common concepts for describing phenomena, 
requirements, problems, capabilities, and solutions. The purpose of 
domain specific engineering is to identify, model, construct, catalog, 
and disseminate artifacts that represent the commonalities and 
differences within a domain. The purpose of this workshop is to bring 
together researchers and practitioners in the area of domain specific 
engineering in order to define the topic, identify possible points of 
synergy, common problems and solutions, and discuss visions for the 
future of the area.

Organisers: Iris Reinhartz-Berger, Arnon Sturm, Yair Wand, Jorn Bettin, 
Tony Clark, Sholom Cohen

Submission deadline: 25th of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 20th of March 2011


INternet INformation Systems Pragmatics (IN2SP)

IN2SP aims to apply and deepen our theoretical understanding of 
pragmatics by dealing with new Internet challenges such as the Internet 
of Things Relating to the 2010 conference theme "Information Systems in 
a diverse world" IN2SP specifically addresses the tension between 
universal standards, interoperability requirements and ontology 
integration on the one hand, and local particularities, 
contextualization and ontology divergence on the other.

Organisers: Hans Weigand, Adrian Paschke

Submission deadline: 25th of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 21st of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 28th of March 2011


1st Workshop on Integration of IS Engineering Tools (INISET 2011)

Modern large-scale IS engineering projects typically involve the 
cooperation of a wide range of systems and tools that use different 
technical platforms and heterogeneous data models. Today’s system 
integration technologies are suitable to bridge most of the technical 
and semantic gaps between these systems and tools. However, error-prone 
and time-consuming human work (e.g., manually copying information from 
one tool to another) is often needed to handle integration concerns at 
the interfaces of the different tools. The goal of the workshop is the 
investigation of methods and techniques for the technical and semantic 
integration of multi-vendor (heterogeneous) engineering tools to improve 
effectiveness and efficiency of engineering projects.

Organisers: Thomas Moser, Richard Mordinyi, Tanja Vos

Submission deadline: 01st of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 04th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 25th of March 2011


Ontology-Driven Information Systems Engineering Workshop (ODISE)

This workshop will explore the ways in which ontologies can help to 
shape Information Systems Engineering so as to more effectively evolve 
software solutions that align with organisational requirements and 
address the issues emerging from large complex families of IT systems. 
The workshop is aimed at promoting and investigating Ontology-Driven 
Information Systems Engineering by bringing together interested 
researchers and industrial practitioners.

Organisers: Sergio de Cesare, Frederik Gailly ,Mark Lycett , Grant 
Holland, Chris Partridge

Paper abstracts: 14th of February 2011
Submission deadline: 21st of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 7th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 28th of March 2011


5th Ontology, Models, Conceptualization and Epistemology in Social, 
Artificial and Natural Systems Workshop (ONTOSE)

The Fifth ONTOSE Workshop is continuing the effort of previous editions 
in forming a community of researchers interested in systems 
representations from a pluri-disciplinary and multi-perspective 
position. The Workshop is centered in the role of abstraction in 
man-made systems (as complex Information Systems), social systems (as 
organizations, social networks or service systems) or natural systems 
(as environmental or ecological systems) and on how these abstractions 
are useful for practical purposes in advanced Information Systems. 
Abstraction is represented in models of various kinds, be them graphical 
or using formal languages as in the case of ontologies. ONTOSE is aimed 
at providing a truly inter-disciplinary forum for researchers coming 
from very diverse fields, and as such encourages cross-fertilization and 
applied submissions.

Program co-chairs: Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Christian Kop, Fabio Sartori

Submission deadline: 21st of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 13th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 27th of March 2011


International Workshop on Semantic Search (SSW)

The first edition of the International Workshop on Semantic Search over 
the Web (SSW) will discuss about data management issues related to the 
search over the web and the relationships with semantic web 
technologies, proposing new models, languages and applications. The 
research issues can be summarized by the following problems:
i. How can we model and efficiently access large amounts of semantic web 
ii. How can we effectively retrieve information exploiting semantic web 
iii. How can we employ semantic search in real world scenarios?

Organisers: Roberto De Virgilio, Paolo Cappellari, Mark Roantree

Paper (Poster) submission: 21st of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 25th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 01st of April 2011
Workshop dates: 20th of June 2011


6th International Workshop on BUSinness/IT ALignment and 
Interoperability (BUSITAL 2011)

Nowadays, a sustainable competitive advantage is strictly related to 
capabilities of organizations to anticipate the constantly evolving 
business and technological environment, where business-IT alignment and 
interoperability are key success factors.
This workshop will contribute to creation of a structured body of 
knowledge on the existing academic and industrial approaches to 
business-IT alignment that would help (a) the practitioners to better 
estimate their needs and, based on these needs, to select or elaborate 
their strategies of business-IT alignment; (b) the researchers to get a 
better understanding of the problems encountered by practitioners and to 
improve their methodologies and approaches accordingly.
We invite submissions of high quality original papers reporting a 
synergy of innovative research and best practices on the following topics:
* Methodologies, frameworks, and tools for modeling, validation, and 
support of Business/IT alignment
* Qualitative and quantitative approaches for measuring Business/IT 
* Taxonomies for Business/IT alignment classification
* Business/IT alignment maturity models
* Constraints and issues associated with Business/IT alignment (e.g. 
cultural, technical, economical, legal, political, etc.)
* Business/IT alignment in organizational networks, including private 
and public sector
* Case studies, empirical reports, and industrial surveys illustrating 
success factors, challenges and failures of alignment

Organisers: Irina Rychkova, Gianluigi Viscusi, Birger Andersson

Submission deadline: 21th of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 25th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 1st of April 2011


9th International Workshop on System/Software Architectures (IWSSA)

IWSSA workshop specially focuses on the enactment/connection of the 
different kinds of system and software requirements into/to concrete 
design issues (decisions, guidelines, paradigms, etc.) for 
system/software architectures. In particular, the workshop stresses the 
importance of non-functional requirements analysis for successful 
architectural designs. Techniques, methodologies and processes to 
address this topic will be presented and discussed at the workshop.

Organisers: Lawrence Chung, Kawtar Benghazi, Nary Subramanian, Manuel 

Abstract Submission Deadline: 23th of February 2011
Paper Submission deadline: 16th of Mars 2011
Notification of acceptance: 9th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 23rd of March 2011


Workshop on Governance, Risk and Compliance: Applications in Information 
Systems (GRCIS)

The importance of governance and compliance is well recognized in 
enterprise systems and has increased drastically over the years as a 
result some of the largest scandals in corporate history. With 
increasing regulatory requirements comes an increase in complexity of 
facilitation of compliant business processes, and an increased reliance 
on technology to facilitate compliance management. This workshop will 
provide a forum for researchers from diverse areas and make a 
consolidated contribution in the form of new and extended methods and 
technologies that address the challenges of governance, risk and 
compliance in information systems.

Organisers: Marta Indulska , Michael zur Muehlen, Shazia Sadiq, Sietse 

Submission deadline: 28th of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 21st of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 28th of March 2011
Workshop: (20-21) of June 2011


The First International Workshop on Information Systems Security 
Engineering (WISSE’11)

Information systems security problems are currently a widespread and 
growing concern that covers most of the areas of society, such as 
business, domestic, financial, government, healthcare, and so on. The 
scientific community is beginning to realize the importance of aligning 
information systems engineering and security engineering in order to 
develop more secure information systems.
This Workshop expands the vision of the Information System (IS) 
engineering from a perspective of security. It aims to identify current 
research on methods, models, and tools for IS security and to bring 
together researchers and practitioners who want to discuss key issues in 
IS security engineering.

Workshop co-chairs: Nadira Lammari, David G. Rosado

Submission deadline: 8th of March 2011
Notification of acceptance: 21th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 28th of March 2011


7th Enterprise & Organizational Modeling And Simulation (EOMAS)

EOMAS is an annual 2-day event sponsored by CAiSE and endorsed by the 
Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group on Modeling 
And Simulation (SIGMAS) and Delft University of Technology, and in 
cooperation with the Associate form Computing Machinery Special Interest 
Group on Simulation and Modeling.
In the study of modern enterprises, their business process management, 
reengineering and implementation, and decision making, modeling and 
simulation (M&S) play a significant role.
The main focus of EOMAS is on the role, importance, and application of 
modeling and simulation within the extended enterprise and 
organizational context.
Application of modeling and simulation in this extended context involve 
a number of socio-technical aspects (Information Systems, Enterprise 
Information Systems, Software Systems, Business Systems, Business 
Processes, Human Interaction, etc.).
EOMAS, with its high profile publication history, is aimed to become a 
major outlet and networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners, 
and educators interested in the development and application of modeling 
and simulation within the enterprise and organizational context.

Organisers: Joseph Barjis, Ashish Gupta, Tillal Eldabi

Submission deadline: 15th of April 2011
Notification date: 15th of May 2011
Camera-ready submission: 1st of June 2011


EMMSAD 2011 Working Conference
The EMMSAD (Exploring Modeling Methods in Systems Analysis and Design) 
conference focuses on exploring, evaluating, and enhancing modeling 
methods and methodologies for the analysis and design of information 
systems, enterprises, and business processes. EMMSAD’2011 is the 
sixteenth in a very successful series ofEMMSAD events, providing a forum 
for researchers and practitioners interested in modeling methods for 
systems analysis and design to meet and exchange research ideas and 
results. Accepted papers will be published in the Springer LNBIP series.

Co-chairs: Dr. Terry Halpin , Dr. Erik Proper and Dr. John Krogstie

Submission and Paper Acceptance Deadlines:
Paper abstracts: 19th of February 2011
Paper Submissions: 26th of February 2011
Notification of acceptance: 22nd of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 10th of April 2011
Conference: 20th - 21st of June 2011

Website: http://www.emmsad.org

BPMDS'11 working conference
The topics addressed by the BPMDS series are focused on IT support for 
business processes. This is one of the keystones of Information Systems 
theory. The 12th edition of the BPMDS series, as a working conference, 
would like to attract papers describing mature research in BPMDS, still 
giving place to industrial reports and visionary papers.
The theme chosen for BPMDS'11 visionary papers is Making BPM theory work 
in practice: "There is nothing more practical then a good theory (Kurt 
We invite the visionaries (from research and industry) to exploit this 
theme in relation to BPMDS.
We also welcome research papers that include ideas on how theoretical 
results discussed can be used in practice, as well as experience reports 
on using theories in practice. Nevertheless, we do not require for full 
research papers and experience reports to be directly connected to this 
theme (they should need to be explicitly relevant to BPMDS though).

Organisers: Selmin Nurcan, Pnina Soffer, Rainer Schmidt, Ilia Bider

Submission and Paper Acceptance Deadlines:
Submission deadline: 4th of March 2011
Notification of acceptance: 25th of March 2011
Camera-ready papers: 10th of April 2011

Website: http://www.bpmds.org

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