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Wed Mar 14 11:26:47 CET 2012

Post-doc Position

Language-level Support for Reconfiguration Control in Component-based Architectures

The ADAM and the SARDES project-teams from Inria have an open postdoc research fellowship position for a motivated candidate interested in conducting research activities in the domain of software components for adaptive and autonomic software architectures.

Especially, we will consider the problem of designing correct controllers for reconfiguring such architectures. The objective is to propose a first-class language-level description of the set of configurations, and of the transitions between them; specify the relationship with the system-level monitors and reconfiguration API. On this base, a controller can be designed manually, verified and compiled.
In a next phase, the objective is to extend the former by a more declarative approach, where component behaviours are described in the absence of control, as well as a control policy in terms of a safety property; on these bases, the control can be obtained using Discrete Controller Synthesis, as encasulated in the BZR language.

A full description is available here :

Candidates should have a background in one or several of the following domains: software engineering, CBSE, ADL, middleware, distributed and middleware systems, reactive systems, automata-based models, control techniques.

The position is for one year. This position is aimed at candidates who have defended their PhD recently. Candidates who prepared their PhD abroad will be considered with priority.

Depending on the wish of the selected candidate, the post-doc will be located either in Grenoble, France, where the Inria SARDES project-team is located, or in Lille, France, where the Inria ADAM project-team is located.

For further information, please contact:

	• Eric Rutten (Inria SARDES) : Eric.Rutten at inria.fr
	• Lionel Seinturier (Inria ADAM) : Lionel.Seinturier at univ-lille1.fr

Lionel Seinturier
Univ. Lille & IUF - Lab. LIFL - Inria ADAM

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