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Emery Berger emery at cs.umass.edu
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*Due March 28, 2013*

OOPSLA, part of SPLASH, is the premier ACM research conference on
Object-Oriented Programming, having been the forum for some of the most
important software developments over the last couple of decades. OOPSLA was
the incubator for CRC cards, CLOS, design patterns, Self, the agile
methodologies, service-oriented architectures, wikis, Unified Modeling
Language (UML), test driven design (TDD), refactoring, Java, dynamic
compilation, and aspect-oriented programming, just to name a few. OOPSLA is
not only about objects but it never strays far from them.


OOPSLA invites submissions of original research papers covering any aspect
of programming, systems, languages, and applications. Work that explores
objects and beyond on matters of programming in the large, reusability,
design and programmer productivity is strongly encouraged.


Papers may address any aspect of software development, including
requirements, modeling, prototyping, design, implementation, generation,
analysis, verification, testing, evaluation, maintenance, reuse,
replacement, and retirement of software systems. Papers on studies of
large-scale software repositories are in scope. Papers on tools (such as
new languages, program analyses, or runtime systems) or on techniques (such
as new methodologies, design processes, code organization approaches, and
management techniques) that go beyond objects in interesting ways are also
in scope.

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Professor Emery Berger
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