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Call for papers Special issue on knowledge-based systems for the support 
of electronic commerce and business processes - Electronic Commerce 
Research and Applications - Elsevier - IF: 1,304



The development of electronic commerce and business transactions is 
increasing progressively. Thanks to this development we are able to 
perform electronically different activities such as searching products 
and services, electronic payments, negotiating and establishing 
contracts, dynamic generation of supply chain links, auctions, marketing 
and advertising, etc.

Knowledge-based technologies provide a consistent and reliable basis to 
face the challenges for organization, manipulation and visualization of 
the data and knowledge, playing a crucial role as the technological 
basis of the development of a large number of intelligent systems. More 
concretely, the field of electronic commerce/business has an important 
synergy with the field of knowledge-based since its use has allowed the 
representation of knowledge in e-commerce/business allowing sharing 
information between systems and the personalisation and automatization 
of processes. Thus, different system such as recommender systems for 
e-commerce/business or e-commerce/business agent-mediated system has 
been developed in the last few years that facilitate transactions.

The purpose of this special issue is to collect innovative and 
high-quality research contributions regarding the synergy and the 
benefits of applying ontologies and semantics in electronic 
commerce/business systems. This special issue aims to explore the 
relationships and interactions between these technologies and give 
insights on the recent advances in these topics by soliciting original 
scientific contributions in the form of theoretical and experimental 
research and case studies.


In this special issue we welcome contributions on the following topics 
(but are not limited to):

- Design and modeling of knowledge-based systems for different scenarios 
of e-commerce and e-business such as:
	-- Goods, products, services and catalogs
	-- Contracts
	-- Recommender systems for electronic commerce/business applications
	-- Electronic Business
	-- Electronic Payment Systems
	-- Composition of business processes
- Knowledge-based approaches for electronic commerce/business 
- Applications, evaluations, and experiences with ontologies and 
semantics in the following kind of e-commerce/business systems:
	-- Auctions
	-- Personalization systems
	-- B2B relationships
	-- Negotiations
	-- Electronic Payment Systems
	-- Electronic contracts
- Knowledge-based infrastructures providing security, privacy, trust, 
electronic signatures, access control, etc that help to support 
e-commerce/business transactions
- Ontological and semantic evaluation of e-commerce/business systems
- Knowledge-based Personalization of e-commerce/business services
- Usability and user interaction with semantic technologies in 
electronic commerce/business applications

Important dates

Deadline for submission of papers: 31 Oct 2015
Authors to receive a 1st decision by: 30 Feb 2016
Final notification of acceptance: 28 Jul 2016
On-line and print publication: (subject to Electronic Commerce Research 
and Applications Schedule)


Papers will be evaluated based on their originality, presentation, 
relevance and contribution to the field of ontologies and semantics in 
electronic commerce/business systems, as well as their suitability to 
the special issue, and for their overall quality. Contributions are 
accepted for review on the understanding that the same work has not been 
published and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere. 
Substantially revised (any paper directly identifiable as a 
post-conference update will not be accepted) versions of papers 
published in conference proceedings can also be submitted. In this case, 
the original paper should also be enclosed.

The Electronic Commerce Research and Applications is an international 
quality, peer reviewed journal covering that aims to create and 
disseminate enduring knowledge for the fast-changing e-commerce 
environment. For additional information regarding the journal and 
manuscript preparation, please visit 
Impact Factor: 1.304

Guest Editors

Antonio Ruiz-Martínez
Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Email: arm at um.es

Ricardo Colomo-Palacios
Østfold University College, Norway
Email: ricardo.colomo-palacios at hiof.no

Rafael Valencia-García
Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Email: valencia at um.es

Antonio Ruiz Martínez
Department of Information and Communications Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science-University of Murcia
30100 Murcia - Spain
http://ants.inf.um.es/~arm/ or http://webs.um.es/arm/
e-mail: arm at um.es or arm [at] um [dot] es

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