[ecoop-info] Research positions on Software Engineering for Cloud (DistriNet, KU Leuven, Belgium)

Dimitri Van Landuyt dimitri.vanlanduyt at cs.kuleuven.be
Fri Jun 2 10:12:29 CEST 2017

We are looking for new colleagues to strengthen our research team 
working on Software Engineering for the Cloud (see below for details).

imec-DistriNet is an international research group embedded in the 
Department of Computer Science of KU Leuven (Belgium). imec-DistriNet is 
a core research group in the imec High Impact Initiative “Distributed 
Trust” focussing on Security and Privacy in ICT. With a headcount of 
over 80 researchers we have built up expertise on a wide range of topics 
such as middleware for cloud computing, internet architectures, network 
and software security, and software for embedded systems and smart 
devices, as well as new internet services. For more information about 
our ongoing research projects and other open positions, visit us at 

The cloud is fundamentally changing the ways in which we design, 
develop, deploy, maintain, and test software in many challenging ways. 
We currently focus on a number of related research challenges, including:

- Continuous development, continuous integration, continuous evolution
- Run-time customization (e.g. per-tenant) of cloud applications
- Monitoring cloud applications
- Dynamic (re-)deployment (e.g. in hybrid clouds or cloud federations)
- Policy-driven middleware (e.g. tenant SLA, storage policies, ... )
- Testing in production environments (e.g. automated AB testing, 
regression detection, ..)
- Dynamic software product lines

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The age of dominance of a single database technology in the data tier of 
an application is behind us, and different storage resources (both 
relational and non-relational, both on-premise and cloud storage 
offerings) are increasingly being combined in practice. We currently 
focus on a number of related research challenges, including:

- Application-level storage policies and customization (e.g. per-tenant) 
- Monitoring dynamic properties of multi-cloud storage architecture,
- Dynamic (re-)deployment, and other run-time tactics,
- Online (micro-)benchmarking, prediction-based solutions, blackbox 
monitoring of individual storage nodes,
- Data modeling for different storage technologies (e.g. NoSQL),
- Systematic support for externalizing this complexity from the 
application (reusable, configurable middleware).

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We are looking for a new colleague to strengthen our research team 
working on software engineering, with a specific focus on DevOps, 
continuous development, integration and deployment. These and other 
trends make software development practices increasingly agile, which 
seemingly clashes with principles of quality-by-design. We currently 
focus on a number of related research challenges, including:

- Empirical software engineering: software metrics of relevance in a 
DevOps context,
- On-line testing (e.g. AB testing, regression testing) and test automation,
- Container and configuration management systems for automated deployment,
- Dynamic software updates (DSU) and continuous evolution,
- Dynamic Software product lines for systematic management of run-time 
customization complexity,
- (Re-)modularization of software and software architecture reconstruction

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These research positions can definitely lead to a PhD trajectory in 
computer science, but this is not a mandatory track for interested 
candidates who wish to apply for this position.

Applications can be submitted via the hyperlinks provided above.
Application deadline: June 19th 2017

Dimitri Van Landuyt, PhD
Research Expert in Software Engineering

imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven
Dept. of Computer Science
Celestijnenlaan 200A
B-3001 Leuven, BELGIUM
tel. +32 16 327650

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