[ecoop-info] CFP - 6th WORLD CONGRESS ON UNIVERSAL LOGIC - Vichy, June 2018

Unilog 2018 unilog2018 at uca.fr
Mon Sep 4 16:54:01 CEST 2017

will take place in Vichy, France, June 21-26, 2018 
after previous editions in Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio 2013 and Istanbul 2015: 

Deadline to submit a one page abstract is September 15, 2017 
You can either submit an abstract to the general organization at 
unilog2018 at yandex.com 
or to a specific workshop, see details in the website. 

There will be about 15 workshops within UNILOG'2018: 
- Proof Theory 
- The Logic of Social Practices 
- Around Peirce 
- Logical Geometry 
- Logic and Music 
- The Logic of Social Practices 
- Reflections on Paraconsistency 
- Naming Logic(s) II 
- The Lvov-Warsaw School: Past, Present and Future 
- The Relevance of Non-classical Logic for Semantic Technologies 
- Logics and Metalogics 
- Logic and Categories 
- Around Hintikka 
- Practices of Writing and Reading in Logic 
- Logic, Probability and Credence 
- Logic for Children 

UNILOG is a logic event in a broad sense. It gathers people from many horizons 
(philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, computer science, semiotics, cognitive science ...) 
and the idea is to promote interaction between all these people. 
For this edition there will be the award of of Logic Prizes from about 10 countries: 
Before the congress, June 16-20, 2018, there will be a school with 30 tutorials. 

Vichy is a charming relaxing thermal city at the middle of France, 
developed by Napoleon III in the second half of the 19th century, who in 
particular created beautiful parks with species of trees from all over 
the world. Vichy, in the Duchy of Bourbon, a region full of castles, 
is a small city, where it is possible to go everywhere just by walking. 
The event will take place at the university campus nearby the Celestins spring, 
the banks of the Allier river (where it is possible to swim) and the city center. 
June is a very nice time to be in Vichy with lots of animations, 
including on June 21 a very lively musical day celebrating summertime. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Vichy in June 2018 
Jean-Yves Beziau (University of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris) 
Christophe Rey (University Clermont Auvergne, CNRS, LIMOS) 
Organizers of UNILOG'2018 
U N I L O G - World Congress and School on Universal Logic - U N I LO G 
Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio 2013, Istanbul 2015, Vichy 2018 

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