[ecoop-info] Concurrency/verification positions, ERC Advanced Investigator Grant, Politecnico di Milano

Bertrand Meyer Bertrand.Meyer at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Sep 4 19:45:47 CEST 2017

As part of the continuation of the ERC Advanced Investigator Grant project
"Concurrency Made Easy" (started at ETH Zurich, see the project pages at
http://cme.ethz.ch), I have positions at Politecnico di Milano for:


*         Postdocs (having a doctoral degree)

*         Research associates (officially: "Assegno di Ricerca", with the
requirement of having a master degree), which can lead to a PhD position.


Please contact me directly if interested. What I expect:

*         The requisite degrees as stated above.

*         Innovative and enterprising spirit, passion for quality work in
software engineering.

*         Either or both of excellent programming abilities and strong CS
theoretical background.

*         Knowledge of as many of possible of: object-oriented programming,
concurrency/parallelism, software verification/formal methods, Eiffel.

*         Familiarity with the basics of the project as described in the
project pages at the URL above.


With best regards,


-- Bertrand Meyer


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