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                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

International conference on reliability, safety and security of railway systems:
        modelling, analysis, verification and certification
                             RSSRail 2017

              November 14-16, 2017, Pistoia, Italy


The conference focuses  on the reliability, safety and security of railway
systems, faced with new challenges (such as increasing capacity and speed),
new trends (such as pervading automation), and new threats (such as cyber-
security). Advanced techniques and tools are needed for modelling,
analysis, verification and validation that can cope with these issue.
There is a pressing need to bring together researchers and developers working on
railway system reliability, security and safety to discuss how these requirements
can be met in an integrated way. It is also vital to ensure that all advances in
research (both in academia and industry) are driven by real industrial needs.
This can help ensure that such advances are followed by industrial deployment.
Another particularly important objective is to integrate research advances into
the current development processes, and make them usable and scalable.

The conference is jointly organized by Newcastle University, University of
Florence and DITECFER.

*** VENUE ***

Pistoia, Italy

Pistoia is a little-known delight, often missed by travellers in favour or its
neighbour Tuscan towns such as Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Siena.  Yet Pistoia is
a gem. All the ingredients of an old Tuscan city are there: old walls, striped
churches, frescoes, medieval watchtowers, arcaded piazzas packed into a rather
small centre. Pistoia has been elected Italy's 2017 Capital of Culture.
Pistoia has also hosted an important presence of railways for more than 150
years: from the first trans-Apennines north-south connection, to the locomotive
depot now hosting heritage railway stock, to the presence of a wide-ranging
and innovative grouping of rail industry suppliers.


Registration is open! Early registration until October 2.


The program include eleven technical papers, three industrial experience reports and
two PhD students papers. The papers confirm a wide interest in developing, and
applying in practice, formal modelling and verification techniques as the most cost
effective way to guarantee the safety of nowadays very complex railway system.
Besides these continued research area, two important topics clearly emerge from
the accepted papers: the challenges posed to the safety and security of railway
systems by the increasing reliance on advanced communication means on one side,
and the industrial interest in the expansion of automation and advanced signalling
expanding from the sector of main line railways to light rail and urban transit.
See details at:

The program is completed by  three keynote speakers and four tutorials, by posters
and industrial exhibitors, and by a presentation of the Shift2Rail initiative.


Jens Braband, Siemens AG, Rail Automation and Honorary Professor of Technical
University of Braunschweig, Germany:
'Quo vadis - Cybersecurity in railways'.

Michael Leuschel, Heinrich Heine Universität, Dusseldorf, Germany:
'The Unreasonable Effectiveness of B for Data Validation and Modelling of
Railway Systems'.

Aryldo Ar. Russo, CERTIFER, France:
'Safety Certification: considering processes around the world.'


Four tutorials will be presented, see details at:


Conference Chairs:
Alessandro Fantechi, University of Florence, Italy
Thierry Lecomte, ClearSy, France
Alexander Romanovsky, Newcastle University, UK

PC members:
Carlo Becheri, ALSTOM, Italy
Mark Behrens, Independent consultant, Germany
Andrea Bondavalli, University of Florence, Italy
David Bonvoisin, RATP, France
Fares Chucri, SNCF, France
Simon Collart-Dutilleul, IFFSTAR, France
Francesco Flammini, UMUC Europe, Germany
Stefania Gnesi, ISTI, Italy
Frank Golatowski, University of Rostock, Germany
Anne Haxthausen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Baseliyos Jacob, Deutsche Bahn, Germany
Michael Jastram, Formal Mind, Germany
Alexei Iliasov, Newcastle University, UK
Tim Kelly, University of York, UK
Hironobu Kuruma, Hitachi, Japan
Michael Leuschel, Dusseldorf University, Germany
Gianluca Mandò, Thales, Italy
Jean Marc Mota, Thales R&T, France
Jan Peleska, Verified Systems International, Germany
Ralf Pinger, Siemens AG, Germany
Christophe Ponsard, CETIC, Belgium
Peter Popov, City University, UK
Etienne Prun, ClearSy, France
Matteo Rossi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Aryldo Russo, CERTIFER, France
Kenji Taguchi, AIST, Japan
Jaco van de Pol, University of Twente, Netherlands
Laurent Voisin, Systerel, France
Kirsten Winter, University of Queensland, Australia

Conference Organisation and Financial Chair:
Joan Atkinson, Newcastle University, UK

Local Organisation Chair:
Veronica Bocci, DITECFER, Italy

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