[ecoop-info] VMIL at SPLASH/OOPSLA 2019

Yu David Liu davidl at binghamton.edu
Mon Jul 1 03:48:36 CEST 2019

VMIL 2019 - Virtual Machines and Language Implementations @ SPLASH/OOPSLA 2019

The VMIL workshop is a forum for researchers and cutting-edge
practitioners in language virtual machines, the intermediate languages
they use, and related issues.

The workshop is intended to be welcoming to a wide range of topics and
perspectives, covering all areas relevant to the workshop’s theme.
Aspects of interest include, but are not limited to:

 [*] design issues in VMs and IRs (e.g. IR design, VM modularity, polyglotism)
 [*] compilation (static and dynamic compilation strategies,
optimizations, data representations)
 [*] VM embeddings in other systems (e.g., DBMSs, Big Data frameworks,
Microservices, etc.)
 [*] VMs for machine learning, machine learning for VMs
 [*] memory management
 [*] concurrency (both internal and user-facing)
 [*] tool support and related infrastructure (profiling, debugging,
liveness, persistence)
 [*] the experience of VM development (use of high-level languages,
bootstrapping and self-hosting, reusability, portability, developer
tooling, etc)
 [*] empirical studies on related topics, such as usage patterns, the
usability of languages or tools, experimental methodology, or
benchmark design

=== Submission Information ===

We invite high-quality papers in the following two categories:

Research and experience papers: These submissions should describe work
that advances the current state of the art in the above or related
areas. The suggested length of these submissions is 6–10 pages
(maximum 10pp).

Work-in-progress or position papers: These papers should document
ongoing efforts in an area of interest which have not yet yielded
final results, and/or should present and defend the authors’ position
on a topic related to the broad area of the workshop. The maximum
length of these submissions is 6 pages, but we will consider shorter
submissions (e.g. a well-written 2-page abstract).

=== Important Dates ===

For the first submission deadline, all paper types are considered for
publication in the ACM Digital Library, except if the authors prefer
not to be included. Publication of work-in-progress and position
papers at VMIL is not intended to preclude later publication

Submissions will be judged on novelty, clarity, timeliness, relevance,
and potential to stimulate discussion during the workshop.

For the second deadline, we will consider only work-in-progress and
position papers. Abstracts do not have to be submitted before the
deadline. These will not be published in the ACM DL, and will only
appear on the web site.

The address of the submission site is: https://vmil19.hotcrp.com/

All deadlines are Anywhere on Earth (AoE), i.e. GMT/UTC−12:00 hour

Please use the SIGPLAN acmart style for all papers:
http://www.sigplan.org/Resources/Author/. The provided double-column
template is available for Latex and Word.

Yu David Liu
Department of Computer Science
SUNY Binghamton

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