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/IMPORTANT NOTE: The conference general chairs together with the program 
chairs and the ALP Executive, have decided to hold ICLP2020 as a fully 
virtual conference on the original week. More details will be forthcoming. /

*Call for papers - Sister Conferences and Journal Presentation Track**
**ICLP 2020 - The 36th International Conference on Logic Programming*
September 18 - September 24, 2020
University of Calabria, Rende, Italy

The program committee of the 36th International Conference on Logic 
Programming (ICLP) invites submissions of published journal papers and 
papers presented at related conferences for the Sister Conferences and 
Journal Presentation Track. The track is designed to provide a forum to 
discuss important results related to logic programming that appeared 
since 2018 in selective journals or were presented at related 
conferences, but that have not been previously presented at ICLP.
The goal of this track is two-fold:
1. To provide authors an opportunity to present at the conference 
important results published in journals that might otherwise not be 
submitted to the conference due to their length and complexity. Papers 
that differ from traditional ICLP format and topics are welcome.
2. To broaden the program with lines of work at the intersection between 
logic programming and related fields such as for example constraint 
programming, operations research, control, knowledge representation and 
reasoning, machine learning, multi-agent systems, robotics, computer 
games, and cognitive science. Papers that use logic programming in some 
innovative way are welcome.

Paper Presentations:
All accepted submissions will be presented orally during the conference 
- at least one author is expected to register to ICLP 2020 and to 
present the paper in person. Complete citations and URLs of the original 
papers (if available from the publisher) will be published on the ICLP 
2020 web site as a permanent reference. A 2-page extended abstract 
summarizing the line of research leading to the presented results can 
optionally be submitted for presentation in the technical communications 
of ICLP.

Submission Requirements:
Submissions must meet the following criteria:
• Candidate papers must be published in a journal such as (but not 
limited to) AIJ, ACM TOCL, JAIR, or other leading journals or  in the 
proceedings of related conferences such as KR, LPNMR, AAMAS, AAAI, 
• Candidate papers must have appeared since 2018.
• Papers that are in press may be submitted as long as the final 
camera-ready version is available at some URL (such as, ArXiv).
• Extensions of papers that have been previously presented at ICLP (or 
co-located Workshops) are not eligible for this track.

Submission Process:
All submissions will be done via EasyChair 
(https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=iclp20200). The submission 
will be in the following format:
• Title and authors of the work for the ICLP Sister Conferences and 
Journal Presentation Track (to be published on the Web - see note below 
about title and authors);
• An accompanying letter containing:
      • Complete bibtex reference of the original paper (only 1 
reference!) (to be published on the Web) + a URL where the paper can be 
downloaded from the publisher (if available) (to be published on the Web);
      • An explanation of why this paper is interesting to the logic 
programming community (at most 1 page in PDF).
• The original paper (in PDF) (for reviewers only, it will not be posted 
on the Web because of copyright issues) because some reviewers could be
   at universities that don’t have contracts with publishers, such as,   
Elsevier, Cambridge Publishing, ACM, etc.
• Optional: only if the authors wish to publish an extended abstract in 
the technical communications of ICLP2020 please submit a 2-page extended
   abstract of the paper (PDF in EPTCS format http://style.eptcs.org/) 
for the ICLP Sister Conferences and Journal Presentation Track (note: we 
   ask for the LaTex sources after the notification).
Note: the 2 pages abstract should not contain new material since this is 
just a report of a publication in a related conference. The title should 
be a bit different than the original publication (since it would look 
odd to have a paper with the same title, but much shorter after the 
original publication), such as, add Report or Summary in the title. It 
is not necessary to radically change it. The authors should be the same 
and in the same order with respect to the original publication. The 
papers in this track will be grouped under a subsection Sister 
Conferences and Journal Presentation Track, so other researchers can see 
that this is a report on the original publication. We advise authors to 
start the paper with a sentence stating that this abstract is a report 
or summary of the original publication (with immediately citing that work).

Evaluation criteria:
Submissions will go through a peer review selection process. Selection 
criteria include significance of the results and relevance to the logic 
programming community.

Important Dates:
Abstract registration (regular papers): May 8, 2020
Paper submission (regular paper): May 15, 2020 Notification to authors 
(regular paper): June 19, 2020
Paper Submission (short papers): June 30, 2020
Revision submission (TPLP papers): July 6, 2020
Final notifications (TPLP papers): July 17, 2020
Camera-ready copy due: July 27, 2020
Main Conference starts: September 19, 2020

Sister Conferences and Journal Presentation Track Chairs:
Paul Fodor, Stony Brook University
Marco Maratea, University of Genova


*Dona il  5x1000* all'Università degli Studi di Sassaricodice fiscale: 

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