[ecoop-info] RAMiCS 2021 - Call for participation (onsite/online)

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Wed Sep 1 15:13:44 CEST 2021


                     19th International Conference on
           Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science
                               RAMiCS 2021

               2 to 5 November 2021, CIRM, Marseille, France

    Registration deadline: 12 September 2021
    RAMiCS 2021: 2 to 5 November 2021

Since 1994, the RAMICS conference series has been the main venue for
research on relation algebras, Kleene algebras and similar algebraic
formalisms, and their applications as conceptual and methodological
tools in computer science and beyond.

RAMiCS 2021 will take place at CIRM, the Centre International de
Rencontres Mathématiques at the beautiful Luminy campus close to
Marseille.  It will take the form of a hybrid conference, allowing
both onsite and online participation. Participation is free, but
subject to approval by the conference organisers. Please register at:


We strongly encourage participation on-site and remark that the CIRM
is a very pleasant place for a conference, but understand that some
participants will only be able to join online.  Please register before
September 12, 2021. Note that after this date we might not be able to
ensure accommodation at the conference centre and that a late
registration fee might apply for online participation.

The RAMiCS 2021 program features 3 invited talks and 29 contributed
talks. For details, see



Marcelo Frias, Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, Argentina
      Relational Tight Field Bounds for Distributed Analysis of Programs

Barbara König, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany
      Fixpoint Games

Dmitriy Zhuk, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
      Quantified Constraint Satisfaction Problem: towards the
      classification of complexity


   Conf. & PC Co-Chair: Mai Gehrke, LJAD CNRS, France
   Conf. & PC Co-Chair: Uli Fahrenberg, Ecole polytechnique, France
   Conf. & PC Co-Chair: Michael Winter, Brock University, Canada
   Conf. & PC Co-Chair: Luigi Santocanale, LIS, Aix-Marseille University, France

For more information, see https://ramics19.lis-lab.fr/

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