[ecoop-info] [CFP] Special Issue "Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation in Large-Scale Distributed Systems" on MDPI Electronics (Q2)

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[CFP] Special Issue "Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation in 
Large-Scale Distributed Systems" on MDPI Electronics (Q2)

Key information

- SI title:  Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation in Large-Scale 
Distributed Systems
- SI venue: MDPI Electronics (ISSN 2079-9292; Scimago 2020 rank Q2; IF 
2.397; Citescore 2.7) - Section "Computer Science & Engineering"
- SI web page: 
- DEADLINE (submission): 15 July 2022

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Dear Colleagues,

Distributed systems are at the centre of several scientific and 
technological trends, which aim to make them increasingly large scale, 
heterogeneous, open, autonomous, and situated. Engineering efforts are 
devoted to harnessing the complexity of such systems to support 
applications and services upon which users can depend. Traditional 
issues of distributed systems include communication, coordination, 
consistency, availability, replication, and fault tolerance. Dealing 
with such issues often involves making trade-offs, as suggested by 
constructs like the CAP theorem. Additional issues like guaranteeing 
soft/hard deadlines, synchronising the state of physical/software 
components, promoting efficiency through deployment relocation, and 
self-management are entering the picture, as driven by whole research 
fields like real-time systems, cyber-physical systems, and autonomic 
computing. In summary, increasing complexity is implied in the 
functional and nonfunctional goals and requirements of future-generation 
systems, and this demands for theories, tools, and methods able to 
provide formal guarantees and properties of correctness and/or the 
ability to restore correct states if temporary failures are tolerated. 
Assessment of these guarantees cannot be limited to an isolated testing 
phase but should instead permeate the whole software lifecycle, from 
early detection of potential bugs, dodgy code, and known antipatterns 
down to monitoring the status of the runtime system.

To address the aforementioned challenges, this Special Issue welcomes 
original, high-quality research work on distributed systems that help to 
promote their quality and mitigate risks in their operation. These might 
include theories, architectures, approaches, methods, techniques, and 
tools addressing code quality assurance, testing, verification, 
monitoring, security audits, correctness-by-construction, and 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Language-based approaches for distributed systems architecture

- Monitoring of distributed systems

- Runtime verification of distributed systems

- Testing of distributed systems

- Quality assurance of distributed systems

- Self-reconfiguration of distributed systems

- Self-repair of distributed systems

- Model checking for distributed systems

- Machine learning for verification and validation of distributed systems

- Reliability in cyber-physical systems

- Graceful degradation of distributed systems

- Flexible or dynamic deployment of distributed systems

- Architectural description languages and verification of architectural 

- Correct-by-construction distributed systems

- Resilient distributed systems

- Dependable distributed systems

- DevOps techniques for distributed systems

Please feel free to contact the Guest Editors for any inquiries about 
the relevance of prospective manuscripts to the suggested topics in this 
call for papers.

Special Issue Editors

- Dr. Roberto Casadei, Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna
- Dr. Danilo Pianini, Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna

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