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                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

          IEEE Global Information Infrastructure Symposium (GIIS 2009)
                    June 23th ~ 25th, 2009,
                         Hammamet, Tunisia

Scope and Overview:

The scope of GIIS consists of interrelated set of 
technical, policy, and social issues implicit in 
the development of national and international 
(global) information infrastructures. GIIS aims 
at identifying and promoting the exchange of 
knowledge on these interrelated issues and 
provides liaison to bodies in the global society, 
technical for and international standards. GIIS 
2009 will stimulate interdisciplinary conference 
sessions and workshops to discuss, built and 
further the use of national and international information infrastructures.
The conference also aims at providing a forum for 
the participants to broaden professional contacts 
and for technical discussions and interactions on 
specific information infrastructure topics. 
Information infrastructure brings together 
information processing applications, 
communications networks and services, physical 
and software elements in networks, and end 
systems. The program of GIIS 2009 will include 
invited talks, paper presentations, workshops, 
tutorials, panel and discussion sessions.
The technical issues addressed by the conference 
include Interoperability at various levels, 
standard services and user interfaces, world wide 
naming and addressing, and the international 
mobility of persons and services. The policy 
issues addressed by the conference are those with 
a large technical element, including protection 
of intellectual property, privacy and security, 
international use of encryption technology, 
commercial protocols, and standards vs. 
proprietary technologies. The conference is 
specifically interested in ubiquity, open 
source/equal access, ease of use, cost 
effectiveness, standards, and architectural openness.

The program of GIIS 2009 will include Keynote 
talks, panel, tutorials, workshops and a Technology Track and a Policy Track.

[Keynote Talks]
speaker: Prof. IAN F. AKYILDIZ
Broadband Wireless Networking Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Strategies for Bridging Digital Divides in the Developing World"
speaker: Prof. HEATHER  E. HUDSON
Communications Technology Management Program, University of San Francisco, USA

Telecommunications Research Lab, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

Title: Technical and Economical Solutions for 
Providing Telecom Access in Developing Regions.
Chair: Robert Walp, Chairman Emeritus, General Communication, Inc., Alaska, USA
Panelists: Ian F. Akyildiz, Professor, Georgia 
Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Heather E. Hudson, Professor, University of San Francisco, USA
Mehmet Ulema, Professor, Manhattan College, New York, USA
Robert Walp, Chairman Emeritus, General Communication, Inc., Alaska, USA
TBD, African Development Bank, Tunisia

Title: Wireless Sensor Networks
Speaker: Ian F. Akyildiz, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Title : Peer-to-Peer Networking : State of the art and research challenges
speaker : Prof. Raouf Boutaba, Univ. of Waterloo, Canada

Title : Challenges in Network Virtualization
speaker : Prof. Omar Cherkaoui, Univ. du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada

The technical program includes 40 full papers and 32 short papers covering a
range of topics that include Wireless 
Communication and Security Management, Multimedia 
Networking, Policy and regulation issues.
Papers from 5 continents, 22 countries with an acceptance rate of 32%.
The full programme can be seen @

UBIROADS : Int. Workshop on Intelligent 
Transportation System for an Ubiquitous ROADS.
The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) 
program is a universal initiative whose objective 
is to add information and communication 
technology to transport infrastructure and 
vehicles. It aims to manage different factors in 
order to improve safety and comfort to 
drivers/passengers, and reduce transportation times and fuel costs.

[Dates & Registration]
Symposium Dates: 23-25 June 2009
Early-bird Registration Deadline: 10 June 2009
Registration can be found @

The symposium will be held in the Kartagho 
Hammamet Hotel, in the heart of the city of Hammamet, Tunisia.
Further information on the venue and accommodation options can be found @

General Chair :
Raouf Boutaba, University of Waterloo, Canada

Program Co-Chairs Technology Track :
Ahmed Mehaoua, University Paris Descartes, France
Sami Tabbane, SUPCOM, Tunisia

Program Co-Chairs Policy Track
Mehmet Ulema, Manhattan College, USA
Robert Walp, GCI, Alaska, USA

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