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AOSD 2010 Student Forum - Call for Submissions

March 14-19, Rennes and Saind Malo, France

The AOSD Student Forum (http://www.aosd.net/2010/forum.html) is an
annual event dedicated to delivering training and development
opportunities for students working in all areas of AOSD.
The AOSD 2010 Forum will focus on issues of Research Dissemination and
Career Planning. The Forum comprises of three events:
1) Spring School (http://www.aosd.net/2010/student/spring.html),
2) Poster Event (http://www.aosd.net/2010/student/poster.html), and
3) Research Project Collaboration Event

All of these events will provide students with opportunities to converse
with experts in the field (working both in academia and in industry),
interact with other students working in similar areas of research, and
reflect upon their research work and carrier prospects.

If you are a student working on a thesis or a major project in AOSD, we
would like to encourage you to participate in the Forum. In addition,
this year 10 studentships will be awarded by AOSD-Europe
(http://www.aosd-europe.net/index.htm) to selected EU students for
participation in the Student Forum (http://www.aosd.net/2010/forum.html).


The Spring School comprises of a set of panels, workshops, and
discussions sessions aimed at providing individual feedback to each
participating student as well as furthering their academic and
transferable professional skills. This year the Spring school will focus
on providing guidance and individual feedback on research publication
and dissemination, as well as a guidance on post-PhD career choice. More
detailed program is available from
In order to participate in the Spring School, please submit a two page
extended abstract of your research. Submission of an extended abstract
is a pre-requisite for attending the Spring School. The overview should
* Your research hypothesis - this is a statement of the problem which
you are going to address in your work. Note that for beginning
researchers this statement can be rather vague and broad, whereas for
students nearing the deadline of their thesis this is probably a very
precise and concrete statement.
* Ideas on how you will evaluate your hypothesis (if this has been
decided. A set of valuable references for your evaluation work could be
found at Student Forum of AOSD.2009).
* A list of the contributions you (expect to) make.
* Your three main important question, worries, pitfalls.
Email your submission to the Student Event Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) at


The student poster event is an opportunity for students and expert
researchers to interact and discuss the cutting edge student research
work. Any student attending the conference can participate. We encourage
you to present a poster even if your work is only in the formative
stages. This event is held in conjunction with the conference welcome
reception to maximize the visibility of student work and to allow
feedback from conference participants and other students.
In order to participate in the Poster Event, please submit:
* A poster summary: no longer than a half a page statement on the poster
content. The actual posters should be printed and brought along to the
conference by the students. The size for posters is AO (841mm (h) x
1189mm (w) ). Posters of this size will fit well on the provided display
boards and will ensure visibility from a distance.
* Student’s Name
* Student’s Affiliation
* Student’s Areas of interest
* Title and keywords for the submitted work
Email your submission to the Student Event Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) at


Several large research projects will be invited to hold a panel on the
cutting edge work on AOSD in large scale Research and Development. The
panel will be followed with a collaboration session, whereby the
participating students will have a chance to discuss with the project
representatives how their work can integrate with the projects and look
for (short term) placement opportunities. Note, this is not a job fair,
but an opportunity to establish research collaborations. Details of the
projects and possible opportunities to be confirmed
In order to participate in the Collaboration Event, please submit an
extended abstract, as for the Spring School participation. Email your
submission to the Student Event Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) at


* Spring School Extended abstract submission: Wednesday, January 20, 2010
* Poster Event submission: Monday, January 25, 2010
* Collaboration Event Participation submission: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you have questions about these events please contact the Student
Forum Chair (Ruzanna Chitchyan) at students at aosd.net.

Lionel Seinturier
Univ. Lille - Lab. LIFL - INRIA ADAM

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