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Wed Dec 8 21:54:58 CET 2010

This call for industrial presentations is specifically targeted
to those of you who either work on industrial projects (possibly
Ada-related) where reliable software is important, or know people
working on such projects.

Consider what others might learn from the experience gained in those
projects, and please try to get a presentation overview submitted by
January 8th at the latest, i.e. one month from now.

Many projects could report a lot of valuable experience: sharing it
with others benefits the whole community and might provide useful
feedback to the project as well.

We're looking forward to receiving many interesting presentations.

Dirk Craeynest, Ada-Europe'2011 Publicity Chair


                   Call for Industrial Presentations

                           The Ada Connection

                    16th International Conference on
            Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2011
                         Ada Conference UK 2011

                    20 - 24 June 2011, Edinburgh, UK


                        Organized by Ada-Europe,
                     in cooperation with ACM SIGAda

                *** DEADLINE Saturday 8 JANUARY 2010 ***


General Information
The Ada Connection combines the 16th International Conference on
Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2011 - with Ada Conference
UK 2011.  It will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city and
the UK's most popular conference destination.

In traditional Ada-Europe style, the conference will span a full week,
including a three-day technical program and vendor exhibition from
Tuesday to Thursday, along with parallel tutorials and workshops on
Monday and Friday.  The Ada Connection will also encompass technical
and vendor tracks under the banner of Ada Conference UK.

The Ada Connection will thus provide a unique opportunity for
interaction and collaboration between academics and industrial

Call for Industrial Presentations
In addition to the usual Call for Papers, the conference also seeks
industrial presentations which deliver value and insight, but may not
fit the selection process for regular papers.

08 January 2011:  Submission of industrial presentation proposals
08 February 2011: Notification of acceptance to authors
16 May 2011:      Industrial presentations required
20-24 June 2011:  Conference

Submission of Presentations
Authors of industrial presentations are invited to submit a short
overview (at least one page) of the proposed presentation by 8 January
2011.  The Industrial Committee will review the proposals and make the
selection.  To submit your abstract, please visit:

The authors of selected presentations shall prepare a final short
abstract and submit it by 16 May 2011, aiming at a 20-minute talk.
Accepted authors will also be invited to submit corresponding articles
for publication in the Ada User Journal, which will host the
proceedings of the Industrial Program of the Conference.  For any
further information please contact the Industrial Chair directly.

In addition to the award for best regular paper, Ada-Europe will also
offer an honorary award for the best presentation, considering both
regular and industrial presentations.

Call for Exhibitors
The commercial exhibition will span two days (Tuesday & Wednesday) of
the main conference.  Vendors and providers of software products and
services should contact the Exhibition Chair for information and for
allowing suitable planning of the exhibition space and time.

Conference Topics
Over the years Ada-Europe has established itself as an international
forum for providers, practitioners and researchers into reliable
software technologies.  The conference presentations will illustrate
current work in the theory and practice of the development and
maintenance of long-lived, high-quality software systems for a variety
of established and novel application domains.  The program will allow
ample time for keynotes, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and social
events.  Participants will include practitioners and researchers
representing industry, academia and government organizations active in
the promotion and development of reliable software technologies.

All contributions should address the topics of interest to the
conference, which for this edition include but are not limited to:

- Methods and Techniques for Software Development and Maintenance:
  Requirements Engineering, Object-Oriented Technologies, Model-driven
  Engineering, Formal Methods and Supporting Toolsets, Re-engineering
  and Reverse Engineering, Reuse, Software Management.

- Software Architectures: Architectural Styles, Service-Oriented
  Architectures, Cloud Service Model, Design Patterns, Frameworks,
  Architecture-Centered Development, Component and Class Libraries,
  Component-based Design and Development.

- Enabling Technologies: Software Development Environments, Compilers,
  Debuggers, Run-time Systems, Middleware Components, Concurrent and
  Distributed Programming, Ada Language and Technologies.

- Software Quality: Quality Management and Assurance, Risk Analysis,
  Program Analysis, Verification, Validation, Testing of Software

- Theory and Practice of High-Integrity Systems: Real-Time,
  Distribution, Fault Tolerance, Security, Reliability, Availability,
  Trust and Safety, Language Vulnerabilities.

- Embedded Systems: Multicore Architectures, HW/SW Co-Design,
  Reliability and Performance Analysis.

- Mainstream and Emerging Applications: Manufacturing, Robotics,
  Avionics, Space, Health Care, Transportation, Energy, Fun and
  Business Games, Telecommunication, etc.

- Experience Reports: Case Studies and Comparative Assessments,
  Management Approaches, Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics.

- The Future of Ada: New language features, implementation and use
  issues; positioning in the market and in education; where should
  Ada stand in the software engineering curriculum; lessons learned
  on Ada Education and Training Activities with bearing on any of the
  conference topics.

Industrial Committee
Guillem Bernat, Rapita Systems, UK
Dirk Craeynest, Aubay Belgium & K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Hubert Keller, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Germany
Ismael Lafoz, Airbus Military, Spain
Ahlan Marriott, White-Elephant GmbH, Switzerland
Paul Parkinson, Wind River, UK
Jean-Pierre Rosen, Adalog, France
Alok Srivastava, TASC Inc, USA
Rei Stråhle, Sweden
Rod White, MBDA, UK

Conference Organization
Honorary Chair
  John Barnes, John Barnes Informatics, UK
  jgpb at jbinfo.demon.co.uk

Conference Co-Chairs
  Rod Chapman, Altran Praxis Ltd, UK
  rod.chapman at altran-praxis.com
  Steve Riddle, Newcastle University, UK
  steve.riddle at ncl.ac.uk

Program Co-Chairs
  Alexander Romanovsky, Newcastle University, UK
  alexander.romanovsky at ncl.ac.uk
  Tullio Vardanega, University of Padua, Italy
  tullio.vardanega at math.unipd.it

Tutorial Chair
  Albert Llemosí, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain
  albert.llemosi at uib.cat

Exhibition Chair
  Joan Atkinson, CSR, UK
  joan.atkinson at ncl.ac.uk

Industrial Chair
  Jamie Ayre, AdaCore, France
  ayre at adacore.com

Publicity Chair
  Dirk Craeynest, Aubay Belgium & K.U.Leuven, Belgium
  Dirk.Craeynest at cs.kuleuven.be

Finance Chair
  Neil Speirs, Newcastle University, UK
  neil.speirs at ncl.ac.uk

Local Chairs
  Joan Atkinson & Claire Smith, CSR, UK


Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
Please circulate widely.

If you have a LinkedIn account, let your network know that you will
be attending or are interested in thist event; see

Dirk.Craeynest at cs.kuleuven.be, Ada-Europe'2011 Publicity Chair

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