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Call for Papers

Special Issue on

Submission deadline: May 1, 2010

Incredible  improvements  in nanotechnologies have enabled the vision
of  nanonetworks  composed  of a number of nanomachines communicating
with each other for a specific nanoscale application. Due to size and
capabilities  of  nanomachines  that  may  constitute of just several
moles of atoms or molecules, traditional communication mechanisms are
deemed   inapplicable   in   nanonetworks.   Many   novel   nanoscale
communication  paradigms  are  currently  under investigation such as
molecular  communication,  communication  over  carbon  nanotubes and
nanowires.  Recent  work  has  also  revealed that nanoscale physical
devices naturally communicate with each other through various quantum
phenomena,  which  makes nanoscale communication also closely related
to the  quantum communication networks structured based on principles
of quantum entanglement.

This special issue aims to capture the state-of-the-art by soliciting
original  (unpublished  and  not  currently  under  review) and novel
contributions  on nanoscale communication in areas including (but not
limited to) the following:

* Architectures,  topologies,  algorithms for nanoscale communication
[ Network  architectures,  topologies,  coverage/connectivity, relay,
   broadcast,  and MAC mechanisms, synchronization,routing/addressing,
   reliable information coding, error control, energy efficiency.]

* Modeling and analysis of nanocommunication
[ Physical characterization/modeling of nanoscale interconnects, and
   devices, statistical mechanics modeling, applications of complex
   network theory, network calculus and queuing theoretical analysis.]

* Information theoretical approaches to nanoscale communication
[ Information/network information theory modeling,capacity bounds and
   theorems for various nanoscale channels, transceiver and modulation
   optimization, nanoscale and molecular source and channel coding.]

* Molecular communication
[ Sparse-molecule  and short/mid/long range molecular communications,
   molecular motors,  calcium  signaling,  nanotube  radios, molecular

* Nanoscale ad hoc and sensor networks
[ Communication  systems and protocols for nanoscale ad hoc networks,
   nano-sensor  networks, networks of micro/nanorobotic systems, self-
   organizing nanobio networks, molecular sensing and sampling.]

* Future nanonetworks with new nano-machines and interconnects
[ Nanonetworks  deployed  with  carbon-nanotubes  (CNTs),  nanowires,
   nanoparticles,  graphene devices,  nanoscale optical, wireless, and
   electromechanical communication, quantum nanoscale networks.]

* Quantum communication networks
[ Hybrid  classical  and quantum  networks, repeaters, teleportation,
   entanglement  swapping,   quantum  dot  networks, nanoscale quantum
   electron transport,nanomechanical quantum communication systems.]

* Applications for nanoscale communications
[ Communication among molecular scale chemical and biosensors,in-body
   nanonetworks,  bio-nano networks with molecular cells/nanomachines,
   in-vivo nanosensing, nanoscale wireless networks.]

Submission Instructions and Important Dates:

Prospective Authors:   Please  submit  your  paper following the Nano
Communication  Networks (Elsevier) journal format described at online
system  http://ees.elsevier.com/nanocomnet and choose "Special Issue:
Nano-scale  Communications" as Article Type. Papers  must  be single-
column,  double-spaced pdf format,  and use at least 11 pt fonts, and
should not exceed 25 pages including references.

Submission Deadline:                  May 1, 2010
Notification of Acceptance:        August 1, 2010
Final Manuscripts Due:          September 1, 2010
Publication Date:            Fourth Quarter, 2010

Guest Editors:

Ozgur B. Akan  (akan at eee.metu.edu.tr)
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Tadashi Nakano (tnakano at wakate.frc.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp)
Osaka University, Japan

Michael Moore  (mikemo at uci.edu)
University of California, Irvine, CA, USA

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