[ecoop-info] Open permanent positions on model based development of embedded systems at the CEA LIST (South of Paris, France)

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Fri Feb 19 08:46:10 CET 2010

The laboratory LISE (Model Driven Engineering Laboratory for embedded and real-time systems), part of the CEA LIST Institute (450 researchers in the field of software-intensive systems, see http://www-list.cea.fr/ <blocked::http://www-list.cea.fr/> ) has opened two new permanent positions in the field of Model-Driven Engineering for the domain of embedded systems.

- One is a research position focussed on model based exploration of system architecture applied for embedded system design validation and optimization regarding important non functional properties such as timing, safety or energy.

- One is a research engineer position focussed on design and development of tools supporting model based development and validation of embedded systems.


The selected candidates will become part of the LISE Laboratory (Laboratory of model driven engineering for embedded systems) (http://www-list.cea.fr <http://www-list.cea.fr/> ).


One of the main characteristics of work at CEA LIST (http://www-list.cea.fr/gb/index_gb.htm) is that innovative techniques are always associated with the development of industrial prototypes that can demonstrate not only the feasibility of the approach, but also the capacity to integrate them easily in the industrial context, thus insuring their great acceptability by the end users. Our lab, the LISE (Model-driven engineering for embedded systems lab) leads studies on tools and methods for embedded software systems development. It has gained solid expertise in three complementary and essential facets: safety-oriented design methods and implementation technologies for the development of critical real-time systems; formal specification analysis and the automatic generation of test sequences; methods and techniques for the model-oriented development of real-time embedded systems.


The laboratory offers a creative international environment, a possibility to conduct highly competitive research on a global scale and involvement in teaching. There are plenty of opportunities to cooperate with national and international partners. The lab has a recognized expertise in this field, both on the academic and industrial side. We participate in numerous European and national research projects (Artist-ArtistDesign - www.artist-embedded.org, ATESST - www.atesst.org, EDONA - www.edona.fr <http://www.edona.fr/> , CESAR - www.cesarproject.eu, ADAMS - www.adams-project.org...), have steady and close relations with some major actors of the domain, and are strongly involved in international standardisation bodies like the Object Management Group - we were for instance responsible for a major part of the UML profile MARTE dedicated to real-time and embedded systems modelling and analysis (www.omgmarte.org <blocked::www.omgmarte.org>  <http://www.omgmarte.org <blocked::http://www.omgmarte.org/> >). To provide tool support based on MARTE and SysML, the LISE wants to develop new research activities  to integrate design space exploration facilities early the the development process on the embedded systems models. In addition, to ensure a good, accessible and flexible access to the modelling languages the LISE has developed the open source UML modeller, Papyrus (www.papyrus-uml.org <http://www.papyrus-uml.org/> , now part of the MDT Eclipse project - www.eclipse.org/modeling/mdt/?project=papyrus <http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/mdt/?project=papyrus> ) providing very advanced profiling facilities. Papyrus customization and integration with external tools is an important challenge on which the laboratory wants to increase its activities.

We are looking for highly-motivated researchers and research engineers interested in participating in national and international research projects in the field of model based development of embedded systems working in a close relationship with our industry partners.


Candidates that intend to apply are expected to contact:

- Sébastien Gérard (sebastien.gerard at cea.fr <mailto:sebastien.gerard at cea.fr> ) - MDE team

- François Terrier (francois.terrier at cea.fr <mailto:francois.terrier at cea.fr> ) - Head of LISE laboratory

- for research position, candidates must possess a PhD in Comptuer Science or similar, with strong expertise and publication in at least one of the domains covered by the laboratory

- for research engineer position, candidates must be experimented and must possess a strong expertise on tool development technologies usually involved to support model driven engineering


- working language is both French and English. At least a good level in English speaking and writting is essential.


- first selection will be made on basis of a detailed CV (for research candidate, clear statement of their research activity and wishes on further research directions is welcome).


Important dates:

- the start date can be from May 2010 until the end of year

- the selection process is open until a good candidate is retained but no later than September 2010.

Even if, they are not immediately available, candidates are invited to apply in advance, as soon as possible.


François Terrier
+33 (0)1 69 08 62 59 - francois.terrier at cea.fr <mailto:francois.terrier at cea.fr> 
CEA LIST, Laboratoire d'Ingénierie dirigée par les modèles pour les Systèmes Embarqués (LISE),
Point Courrier 94, Gif-sur-Yvette, F-91191 France

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