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International Workshop on Advances and Applications of Problem Orientation

Cape Town, South Africa - May 8th, 2010

Problem-oriented approaches are predicated on the principle that designing
effective solutions requires a detailed understanding of the problem.
Software engineers recognise the practical difficulties of precisely and
completely defining the problem up-front. As such, problem-oriented
approaches to software engineering recognise the need for a gradual and
continuous refinement of a problem description during the software
engineering process to identify new or previously missed context elements
and requirements. Problem-oriented approaches to software engineering are
therefore concerned with research and practice relating to the elicitation
and validation of problem statements, and the principled transformation of
problem statements into design solutions.

IWAAPO is concerned with recent developments in problem-oriented approaches
as they apply to software and systems engineering, open challenges in the
area and future directions for research and practice. IWAAPO is a
development of the IWAAPF workshop series which focussed on Michael
Jackson’s Problem Frames. Problem orientation is maturing, and other
approaches motivated by a similar focus on the problem are being explored
alongside the continuing Problem Frames research. In this workshop, all
problem oriented research is welcome!


· To raise awareness of problem-oriented approaches to software
engineering; · To report on problem-oriented approaches in practice; · To
consider real-world scenarios that benefit from a problem-oriented
approach; · To understand and advance the current state of art in
problem-orientation; · To develop the theoretical aspects of
problem-orientation in software engineering; · To report on empirical
evaluation of problem-oriented approaches; · To develop a consensus on the
fundamental concepts of problem-orientation; · To develop a clear direction
for future research in the area.


Submitted papers should involve, address or consider aspects of
problem-orientation. We would especially encourage real world application
and experience of problem-oriented approaches. Papers should relate to, but
are not restricted to, the following topics:

· Foundations of Problem Orientation
· Structuring problem descriptions
· Problem description elicitation and validation
· Applications of Problem Orientation
· Problem orientation within software development processes
· Transforming problem descriptions into design solutions
· Empirical or comparative evaluations of problem-oriented approaches

Submissions to the workshop are to be made through the IWAAPO CyberChair 
page at: http://cyberchairpro3.borbala.net/iwaapopapers/submit/. 
Submissions must conform to the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 
format. See http://www.iwaapo.org/ for details.


A selection of the best papers presented at the workshop will be published 
in a special issue of Wiley's journal: "Expert Systems: The Journal of 
Knowledge Engineering".


Submission deadline: 15th March 2010
Author notification: 29th March 2010
Camera-ready copies: 12th April 2010 (hard deadline)


IWAAPO has been organised in association with The International Academy, 
Research and Industry Association (http://www.iaria.org/).

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