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                         C S M R   2 0 1 2

  16th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering

                         March 27-30, 2012
                   University of Szeged, Hungary




CSMR is the premier European conference on the theory and practice of
maintenance, reengineering and evolution of software systems. It promotes
discussion and interaction among researchers and practitioners about the
development of maintainable systems, and the evolution, migration and
reengineering of the existing ones. CSMR 2012 will feature up to 10 technical
research paper sessions, workshops, tutorials, an early research achievements
track, an industry paper track, a tool demonstration track, a doctoral symposium
and a special track on European research projects within the field of software
maintenance and reengineering. The conference will be held in Szeged, the city
of sunshine. CSMR is supported by the Reengineering Forum (REF). The proceedings
of the papers will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. Details on
the submission process can be found on the conference web site. Authors of
selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper to
a Special Issue of the Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research
and Practice.

* TECHNICAL RESEARCH PAPERS: Research papers should describe original and
  significant work in the research and practice of software maintenance and
  reengineering. Theoretical results, case studies, empirical research and
  experiments are particularly welcome (10 proceeding pages).

  great ideas and promising work in early stages of research. The submissions do
  not require full evaluation. The topics of interest are the same as the main
  research track. Participants will have the opportunity to present a summary of
  their work in form of a short paper and of a poster (6 proceeding pages).

* INDUSTRIAL TRACK PAPERS: The industry track papers should discuss industrial
  practice and experience reports describing problems (and their solutions)
  encountered in real applications (4 proceeding pages).

* TOOL DEMONSTRATION TRACK PAPERS: Tool demonstration track papers should
  include information on the theory, models, and infrastructure of the
  demonstrated tool. Challenges related to the use and adoption of the
  demonstrated tool should also be included (4 proceeding pages).

* DOCTORAL SYMPOSIUM PAPERS: The doctoral symposium track is for those who are
  currently working on or have recently completed their PhD thesis. The papers
  should describe a summary of their research (4 proceeding pages).

* EUROPEAN PROJECTS TRACK PAPERS: The European track papers should give an
  overview on ongoing or recently completed projects (both national and
  international) in Europe related to maintenance and/or reengineering (4
  proceeding pages).

* WORKSHOP PROPOSALS: Workshop proposals should include the names and
  affiliations of the organizers, a description of the topic, the intended
  audience, and the proposed format of the session. Once the proposal is
  accepted the organizers should submit a paper describing the nature of the
  workshop area, related work, and its anticipated impact (2 proceeding pages).

All papers should adhere to the IEEE Submission Guidelines for Conference
Proceedings and be submitted electronically in PDF format at the submission
* Technical papers:

* Workshop proposals and satellite events:


Technical Papers & Workshop Proposals
  - October 21, 2011 (Abstract)
  - October 28, 2011 (Full Paper)

Satellite Events
(Early Research Achievements, Industrial Track, Tool Demonstrations,
Doctoral Symposium, European Projects Track)
  - December 9, 2011 (Abstract)
  - December 16, 2011 (Full Paper)

Notification of Acceptance
  - November 18, 2011 (Workshop Proposals)
  - December 2, 2011 (Technical Papers)
  - January 13, 2012 (Satellite Events)	


General Chair
  - Rudolf Ferenc (University of Szeged, Hungary)

Program Chairs
  - Tom Mens (University of Mons, Belgium)
  - Anthony Cleve (University of Namur, Belgium)

Early Research Achievements Chairs
  - Gerardo Canfora (University of Sannio, Italy)
  - Florian Deißenböck (Technische Universität München, Germany)

Industrial Chairs
  - Jens Borchers (SCHUFA Holding AG, Germany)
  - Hassan Charaf (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)

Tool Demonstrations Chairs
  - Holger Kienle (Mälardalen University, Sweden)
  - Mircea Lungu (University of Bern, Switzerland)

Doctoral Symposium Chair
  - Jurgen Vinju (CWI, The Netherlands)

European Track Chair
  - Radu Marinescu  (Universitatea "Politehnica" di Timisoara, Romania)

Workshop Chair
  - Tamás Gergely (University of Szeged, Hungary)

Tutorial Chair
  - Jens Knodel (Fraunhofer-IESE, Germany)

Web & Publication Chairs
  - Csaba Nagy (University of Szeged, Hungary)
  - Péter Hegedűs (University of Szeged, Hungary)

  - Elliot Chikofsky (Reengineering Forum, USA)

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