[ecoop-info] VOLT'12: 2nd Workshop on the Verification of Model Transformation

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VOLT 2013
Co-located  with  ICST  2013
2nd Workshop on the Verification and Validation of Model Transformation

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
March 18, 2013
**** Call for Papers ****

Model transformations are everywhere in software development. They have
been described as the “heart and soul of Model-Driven Development (MDD)”.
It is generally accepted that MDD is a very promising means for raising the
level of abstraction of current software development techniques, while
making it more reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective. Several
experts have identified the verification of model transformations as one of
the grand challenges of the domain. Despite some recent activity in the
field, the work on the verification of model transformations remains
scattered and a clear perspective on the subject is still not in sight.
Furthermore, current model transformation tools lack verification
techniques to support such activities.

If we generically consider a model transformation as an algorithm
describing specific model manipulations, then testing it or proving some of
its properties can be envisaged. However, a model transformation performs
particular computations where: (1) it typically operates on models, thus on
data at a high-level of abstraction rich in semantics and (2) from a
pragmatic point of view, often only the initial input and the final output
is of interest and none of the intermediate steps matters. Moreover, a
particular subject of interest is the fact that model transformations are
used to perform specific computations in the context of MDD, such as model
refinement, refactoring, translation, synthesis, simulation, or
synchronization. In this sense, we feel that useful verification techniques
for model transformations can and possibly should be specific to these

The Second International Workshop on the Verification Of modeL
Transformation (VOLT 2013) is one of the most accurate venues to offer
researchers a dedicated forum to classify, discuss, propose, and advance
verification techniques dedicated to model transformations. VOLT 2013
promotes discussions between theoreticians and practitioners from academy
and industry, given its ideal co-location with ICST. VOLT’s interest spans
both to academic and industrial practices. One of the goals of the forum is
to collect enough industrial case studies so that those problems can be
stated at a theoretical level.

In order to discuss these and further similar questions, we would like to
invite submissions related to the following topics:
- Application of formal verification, theorem proving, model checking or
testing to model transformation;
- Verification techniques dedicated to model transformation;
- Taxonomies of techniques for model transformation verification;
- Properties relevant to specific model transformations;
- Verification of model transformations expressed in languages such as:
ATL, QVT, TGG, VIATRA, Kermeta, Epsilon, etc.
- Verification of domain-specific model transformations, in contrast to
general-purpose transformations;
- Case studies and experience reports;
- Tools and automation.
*** Submission ****

Submissions must follow the IEEE double column format. Authors may submit
short (4 pages) or long papers (8 pages). Submissions have to be done
through EasyChair https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=volt2013.
Accepted papers will be published in the IEEE Digital Library.
*** Workshop Format ****

VOLT 2013 is a one-day workshop, divided into two parts: paper
presentations (morning) and discussions in working groups (afternoon).

**** Important Dates ****

Submission: January 14, 2013
Author notification: February 11, 2013
Workshop: March 18, 2013
*** Organization Committee ****

Moussa AMRANI,  University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Leen LAMBERS,    Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany
Eugene SYRIANI,  University of Alabama, USA

*Program Committee*

Márk ASZTALOS,          Budapest University of Eco. Sc., Hungary
Didier BUCHS,              University of Geneva, Swiss
Marsha CHECHIK,          University of Toronto, Canada
Antonio CICCHETTI,      Malardalen University, Sweden
Jürgen DINGEL,            Queen’s University, Canada
Franck FLEUREY,           SINTEF, Norway
Holger GIESE,               Postdam University, Germany
Martin GOGOLLA,          University of Bremen, Germany
Jeff GRAY,                    University of Alabama, USA
Frank HERMANN,           University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Akram IDANI,                Grenoble INP, France
Yves LE TRAON,             University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Tihamér LEVENDOVSKY, Vanderbilt University, USA
Levi LÚCIO,                   McGill University, Canada
Arend RENSINK,             University of Twente, Netherlands
Rick SALAY,                   University of Toronto, Canada
Gabriele TAENTZER,       University of Marburg, Germany
Hans VANGHELUWE,      University of Antwerp, Belgium
                                   McGill University, Canada
Stephan WEISSLEDER,   Fraunhofer FIRST, Germany
Manuel WIMMER,          TU Wien, Austria
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