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Kristin Yvonne Rozier Kristin.Y.Rozier at nasa.gov
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NFM Group,

This is a call for highlights for an article that I am writing. I would 
very much like to feature developments in formal methods! Please 
consider sending me a highlight on your work.


Please circulate this reminder to your colleagues:

                        Call for Highlights

              Intelligent Systems 2013 Year In Review
                    Aerospace America magazine

                    Due date: September 6, 2013

This is a call for submissions for the "Year In Review" December, 2013
issue of Aerospace America magazine. We are looking for summaries of
interesting aerospace applications of intelligent systems, of
approximately 150 words in length, with an accompanying graphic if
possible. Each input will be integrated within an overall narrative, so
key organizations/affiliations should be identified within the text to
enable proper credit to be given. The AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical
Committee will select, from among all submissions received, a subset
that will be highlighted in the year-end issue of Aerospace America


Deadline: Friday, September 6, 2013
Please forward any submissions directly to Kristin.Y.Rozier at nasa.gov.


* 150 words
* describing an advancement in research relating to aerospace
intelligent systems
* describing work that occurred or is projected to occur between January
and December, 2013
* identifying key organizations/affiliations
* with an accompanying graphic, if possible: high-resolution TIFs or
JPGs, 300 dpi; please send graphics separate from the text
* including a URL, if applicable, for further information


This article will cover the most important developments this year in
aerospace intelligent systems. Breakthroughs, setbacks, and industry
trends that have occurred during the past year, the reasons they are
important, and their impact on the aerospace community are also relevant.

More information on what types of aerospace systems qualify as
intelligent is available here:

Aerospace America reaches 40,000 people in a broad cross section of
disciplines. highlights should be written so that all of them are able
to understand the content.


The AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee (ISTC) is concerned
with the application of Intelligent System (IS) technologies and methods
to aerospace systems, the verification and validation of these systems,
and the education of the AIAA membership in the use of IS technologies
in aerospace and other technical disciplines. See the Intelligent
Systems Technical Committee website for more information on our
technology focus: https://info.aiaa.org/tac/ISG/ISTC/default.aspx.

Last year's article is available at

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