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                              ICPE 2020

   11th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering


              A Joint Meeting of WOSP/SIPEW sponsored by

      ACM SIGMETRICS and ACM SIGSOFT in Cooperation with SPEC


                         Edmonton, Canada

                       April, 20-24, 2020 






The goal of the International Conference on Performance Engineering 

(ICPE) is to integrate theory and practice in the field of performance 

engineering by providing a forum for sharing ideas and experiences 

between industry and academia. ICPE is a joint meeting of the ACM 

Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP) and the SPEC International 

Performance Evaluation Workshop (SIPEW). The conference brings together 

researchers and industry practitioners to share and present their 

experience, to discuss challenges, and to report state-of-the-art and

in-progress research on performance engineering.





The following ICPE 2020 tracks with the given submission deadlines are 

still open: 


- Poster and Demo Papers            

      Submission:                  Jan 20, 2020

      Notification:                  Feb 04, 2020

      Camera-ready paper submission: Feb 24, 2020


- Work in Progress and Vision Papers

      Submission:                 Jan 20, 2020

      Notification:                  Feb 04, 2020

      Camera-ready paper submission: Feb 24, 2020


See https://icpe2020.spec.org/call-for-contributions/ for details.





The following workshops are organized in conjunction with ICPE 2020:


April 20:

- 5th International Workshop on Energy-aware Simulation (ENERGY-SIM)

- The Eighth International Workshop on Load Testing and Benchmarking of
Software Systems (LTB)

- International Workshop on Visual Analytics in Supercomputing and
Performance Engineering (VASPE)


April 21:

- 3rd Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance (HotCloudPerf)

- Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Large Scale Performance


A brief overview of all workshops is given below. For more information, 

visit the conference website at https://icpe2020.spec.org/workshops/



5th International Workshop on Energy-aware Simulation (ENERGY-SIM)



The energy impact of IT infrastructures is a significant resource issue for
many organisations. The Natural Resources Defence Council estimates that US
data centers alone consumed 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electrical energy
in 2013 – enough to power the households of New York twice-over – and this
is estimated to grow to 139 billion kilowatt-hours by 2020. However, this is
an underestimation as this figure fails to take into account other countries
and all other computer usage. There are calls for reducing computer energy
consumption to bring it in line with the amount of work being performed –
so-called energy proportional computing. In order to achieve this we need to
understand both where the energy is being consumed within a system and how
modifications to such systems will affect the functionality (such as QoS)
and the energy consumption. Monitoring and changing a live system is often
not a practical solution. There are cost implications in doing so, and it
normally requires significant time in order to fully ascertain the long-term
trends. There is also the risk that any changes could lead to detrimental
impacts, either in terms of the functionality of the system or in the energy
consumed. This can lead to a situation where it is considered too risky to
perform anything other than the most minor tweaks to a system. The use of
modelling and simulation provides an alternative approach to evaluating
where energy is being consumed, and assessing the impact of changes to the
system. It also offers the potential for much faster turn-around and
feedback, along with the ability to evaluate the impact of many different
options simultaneously.

ENERGY-SIM seeks original work that is focused on addressing new research
and development challenges, developing new techniques, and providing case
studies, related to energy-aware simulation and modelling.






Papers due:                   Jan 25, 2020

Author notification:           Feb 17, 2020

Camera-ready deadline:     Feb 24, 2020



Papers must be written in English and must not exceed 6 pages (4 pages for a
work in progress/position paper). Submitted papers must not be under review
or published (partially or completely) elsewhere. Every paper will be
peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers. The review of all papers will
follow the general double-blind policy.



Matthew Forshaw, Newcastle University, UK (General Co-Chair)

Stephen McGough, Newcastle University, UK (General Co-Chair)



3rd Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance (HotCloudPerf)



The 3rd HotCloudPerf workshop is organized as a meeting venue for academics
and practitioners, from experts to trainees, in the field of cloud computing
performance. The workshop aims to engage this community, and to lead to the
development of new methodological aspects for gaining deeper understanding
not only of cloud performance, but also of cloud operation and behavior,
through diverse quantitative evaluation tools, including benchmarks,
metrics, and workload generators. The workshop focuses on novel cloud
properties such as elasticity, performance isolation, dependability, and
other non-functional system properties, in addition to classical
performance-related metrics such as response time, throughput, scalability,
and efficiency.

Theme of the 2020 workshop's edition: “Performance variability of cloud data
centers and the implications of such phenomena on application performance.”

Articles focusing on this topic are particularly encouraged for



 <https://hotcloudperf.spec.org/> https://hotcloudperf.spec.org/ 



Papers due:            Jan 25, 2020

Author notification:   Feb 17, 2020

Camera-ready deadline: Feb 24, 2020



Authors are invited to submit full 6-page papers or short/work-in-progress
3-page papers.



Alexandru Uta, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dmitry Duplyakin, University of Utah, USA

Cristina Abad, Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, Ecuador

Nikolas Herbst, University of Würzburg, Germany

Alexandru Iosup, VU Amsterdam & TU Delft, Netherlands



The Eighth International Workshop on Load Testing and Benchmarking of
Software Systems (LTB)



Software systems (e.g., smartphone apps, desktop applications,
telecommunication infrastructures, cloud and enterprise systems, etc.) have
strict requirements on software performance. Failure to meet these
requirements may cause business losses, customer defection, brand damage and
other serious consequences. In addition to conventional functional testing,
the performance of these systems must be verified through load testing or
benchmarking to ensure quality service.

Load testing and benchmarking software systems are difficult tasks, which
requires a great understanding of the system under test and customer
behavior. Practitioners face many challenges such as tooling (choosing and
implementing the testing tools), environments (software and hardware setup)
and time (limited time to design, test, and analyze). This one-day workshop
brings together software testing researchers, practitioners and tool
developers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of conducting
research on load testing and benchmarking software systems.






Technical papers:         Jan. 13, 2020

Presentation track:         Mar. 2, 2020

Paper notification:         Feb. 1, 2020

Presentation notification:     Mar. 9, 2020

Camera ready:         Feb. 24, 2020




We solicit two tracks of submissions: research papers (maximum 4 pages),
presentation track for industry or experience talks (maximum 700 words
extended abstract). Technical papers should follow the standard ACM SIG
proceedings format and need to be submitted electronically via EasyChair.
Accepted papers will be published in the ICPE 2020 Proceedings. 

Submissions can be research papers, position papers, case studies or
experience reports.


Organizers (Chairs)

Alexander Podelko         Oracle, USA

Tse-Hsun (Peter) Chen     Concordia University, Canada

Hamzeh Khazaei         York University, Canada



International Workshop on Visual Analytics in Supercomputing and Performance
Engineering (VASPE)



Both high performance computing (HPC) and performance engineering (PE)
experts are facing the challenge of analyzing, comparing, visualizing, and
reasoning about ever increasing volumes of performance-related data. While
HPC typically deals with massively parallel simulation codes being executed
on supercomputers, PE focuses on distributed, reliable software systems.

Due to the scale of performance-related data and the open-ended nature of
analyzing it, visualization (VIS) and data analytics are often the only
feasible tools to comprehend, debug, and improve the performance behavior of
systems and/or codes. This is becoming ever more important, since the scale
of performance-related data keeps rapidly growing. However the research
communities in HPC, PE, and VIS are mostly disjunct.

VASPE ‘20 aims at gathering experts from (i) the HPC community, (ii) the PE
community, and (iii) the VIS community in order to breed cross-community
algorithms, techniques, and systems for analyzing and visualizing
performance-related data.






Papers due:            Jan 25, 2020

Author notification:   Feb 17, 2020

Camera-ready deadline: Feb 24, 2020



We solicit 6–8 page full papers and 2–4 page short papers that focus on
techniques at the intersection of the three communities HPC, PE, and VIS
that either use visualization techniques to display large scale performance
data or that develop new visualization or visual analytics methods that help
create new insights. We welcome submissions presenting novel and
experimental ideas as well as tool descriptions.

Papers must be submitted as a PDF file in the ACM Standard proceedings
format, and formatted for 8.5” x 11” (U.S. Letter). The 4-page and 8-page
limits include figures, tables, and references.

Papers will be peer-reviewed by members of the program committee and
accepted papers will be published by ACM as part of ICPE 2019 proceedings.
Accepted papers will also be presented during the workshop as a paper talk
(~20 min) or a lightning presentation (~10 min).



Alexandre Bergel (University of Chile, Chile)

Abhinav Bhatele (University of Maryland, USA)

Kevin S. Griffin (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

Leonel Merino (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Tom Vierjahn (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Germany)



Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Large Scale Performance (WOSP-C)



In recent years, tools have proliferated to measure and analyze the resource
usage and application activity of large-scale systems hosted on vast numbers
of physical or virtual machines. Drawing inferences about performance,
identifying performance bottlenecks, reducing performance test data,
generating performance requirements, and computing the parameters of
performance models all require the assistance of analytics tools to make
dealing with large numbers of data sources tractable. The goal of this
workshop is to explore performance challenges and their relationship to
software engineering in these emerging areas.


The objective of this workshop is to bring together tool builders,
practitioners and researchers who address the problems described above.
Among the questions we hope to address in the workshop are:

What are the principles underlying the analysis of large numbers of
performance measures collected from disparate parts of the system?

How does one link these performance measures to the architectures of
large-scale systems?

How does one reconcile performance measures obtained from a system in one
virtual environment with competition from another environment in the cloud?

Can the baselining of measurements provide a foundation for intrusion





Important Dates

Submission deadline: January 12, 2020

Notifications to authors: February 2nd, 2020

Camera-ready copy (hard deadline): February 24th, 2020



Submissions may take the form of two-page extended abstracts or six-page
papers. All submissions will be reviewed by at least two members of the
program committee.



André B. Bondi – Software Performance and Scalability Consulting LLC and
Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA

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