[ecoop-info] VerifyThis @ ETAPS 2020: Call for Participation + Travel Grants

Siddharth Krishna siddharth at cs.nyu.edu
Thu Feb 27 13:51:19 CET 2020


VerifyThis Verification Competition 2020


Competition to be held at ETAPS 2020




Grant application deadline: March 11, 2020
Competition: April 25 and 26, 2020


VerifyThis 2020 is a program verification competition taking place as
part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of
Software (ETAPS 2020) on 25 and 26 April 2020. It is the 9th event in
the VerifyThis competition series. Information on previous events and
participants can be found at http://verifythis.ethz.ch.

The aims of the competition are:
- to bring together those interested in formal verification, and to
provide an engaging, hands-on, and fun opportunity for discussion, and
- to evaluate the usability of logic-based program verification tools
in a controlled experiment that could be easily repeated by others.

The competition will offer a number of challenges presented in natural
language and pseudo code. Participants have to formalize the
requirements, implement a solution, and formally verify the
implementation for adherence to the specification.

There are no restrictions on the programming language and verification
technology used. The correctness properties posed in problems will
have the input-output behaviour of programs in focus. Solutions will
be judged for correctness, completeness and elegance.


Participation is open for anybody interested. Teams of up to two
people are allowed. Registration for ETAPS workshops and physical
presence on site is required.

We particularly encourage participation of:
    - student teams (this includes PhD students)
    - non-developer teams using a tool someone else developed
    - several teams using the same tool

To facilitate planning, please also send an email to
verifythis at googlegroups.com stating your planned team composition and
verification system(s) you plan to use.  Informal inquiries are
welcome at the same address.


The competition is trying to obtain funds for a limited number of
travel grants.  A grant covers the incurred travel and accommodation
costs up to a certain limit.  We will announce more details at
http://verifythis.ethz.ch shortly.

To apply for a travel grant, send an email to verifythis at googlegroups.com
by March 11, 2020. The application should include:
    - your name
    - your affiliation
    - the verification system(s) you plan to use at the competition
    - the planned composition of your team (and whether you are developers
        the tools you'll be using)
    - a short letter of motivation explaining your involvement with formal
        verification so far
    - if you are a student, please state the academic degree you are seeking
        and have your supervisor send a brief letter of support to
        verifythis at googlegroups.com

* Siddharth Krishna, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
* Wytse Oortwijn, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

* Marieke Huisman, University of Twente, the Netherlands
* Rosemary Monahan, Maynooth University, Ireland
* Peter Müller, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
* Mattias Ulbrich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Email: verifythis at googlegroups.com
Web: http://verifythis.ethz.ch

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