[ecoop-info] [OSys PL Labs] 3 UI/UX Research Engineer Positions for Progr. Languages and Tools (Remote)

Nick Papoylias npapoylias at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 21:26:25 CEST 2021

Dear colleagues,

The newly founded PL (Programming Languages) research Group at OutSystems
has a goal of exploring the UI/UX frontier of Programming Tools.

We are looking for 3 UI/UX Research Engineers for Programming Languages &
Tools (Remote) to join our group. Please forward to anyone you think might
be interested by our call:




Best Regards,

Dr. Papoulias (@npapoylias <https://twitter.com/npapoylias>)
*Director of Research **@OutSystems* <https://twitter.com/OutSystems>


*If you consider yourself (or aspire to be) a UI/UX expert with programming
experience that wants to: “Boldly go where no programmer has gone before”
don’t let any impostor syndrome stop you, apply to join us! What we are
looking for in our research group -- first and foremost -- is explorers.
Take a look at this short video to quickly learn more about
OutSystems: https://youtu.be/0gx3hMMDOZI. <https://youtu.be/0gx3hMMDOZI.>*


** Your base responsibility will be the development of research prototypes
from an engineering perspective. Nevertheless, the research nature of these
prototypes will almost always require you to either learn a new language, a
new system or way of working. You will always be given time and guidance
(bibliography, books and an engineering starting point) to do so. The
director of the group will always be there to guide you with all aspects of
your work.*

** Once this base responsibility is fulfilled your UI/UX experience and
expertise will help us go even further. What can we add to a good prototype
to bring aesthetics and usability to the mix ? What will make us smile
every time we use it ?*

** When you become comfortable with the above responsibilities you can
start proposing your own experiments to the team and guide our newest
members through the whole R&D process.*
** Finally, according to the group’s needs you will be tasked to present
our work to colleagues, internally or externally (to the wider industrial
and academic community), participate in conferences, publications and in
the general dissemination of our work.*

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