[ecoop-info] Call for Participation: ApPLIED 2021 workshop - in conjunction with PODC 2021

Miguel Matos miguel.marques.matos at tecnico.ulisboa.pt
Thu Jul 8 12:36:00 CEST 2021


ApPLIED 2021: Workshop on Advanced tools, programming languages, and
PLatforms for Implementing and Evaluating algorithms for Distributed systems
(in conjunction with PODC 2021)
JULY 30 2021


* Mahesh Balakrishnan, Facebook
* Murat Demirbas, Amazon Web Services and State U of New York at Buffalo
* Ahmed Ali-Eldin Hassan, Chalmers U of Technology
* Kate Keahey, Argonne National Lab


Designers wishing to implement and evaluate distributed algorithms in practical
settings are often faced with challenging questions regarding the transformation
from design to a working prototype. For example, what language should be used?
What library or tool should be used for communication between processes? On
which platform should the algorithms be implemented and evaluated? What
trade-offs should be taken, e.g., choose a freely available setting with
moderate maintenance or an expensive but developer-friendly one?

Context is also important. Some design assumptions might not be feasible or
affordable to implement in practice while certain considerations might be
irrelevant. In other words, some important issues in theory might not be
important in practice, whereas some practical obstacles deserve more attention
and analysis.

The ApPLIED workshop aims to bring together designers and practitioners of
distributed algorithms and systems to share their perspectives and experiences and 
covers topics such as:

* Languages, libraries, platforms, and tools for distributed algorithms and
systems, addressing correctness, performance, ease of use, and result

* Processes from designing an algorithm to developing a prototype implementation
suitable for running on real systems.

* Success stories of experimental evaluation of distributed algorithms, e.g.,
for classical and blockchain consensus, resulted in new analytical and practical

* Position papers that consider new directions, standpoints, and learned lessons
on the design and evaluation of distributed algorithms and systems.


* Registration is *free but mandatory* 
* Check https://podc.org/data/podc2021/registration.html

Workshop Chairs

* Chryssis Georgiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
* Y. Annie Liu, Stony Brook University, USA
* Miguel Matos, INESC-ID & IST, University of Lisboa, Portugal
* Elad Michael Schiller, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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