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Coen DE ROOVER Coen.De.Roover at vub.be
Fri Jul 9 15:37:24 CEST 2021

The computer science department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is offering a full-time position as professor to reinforce its programming languages and software engineering branch within the subject area of "Static security guarantees for programming languages".

The position is published under the heading:

Tenure track lecturer (Research) “Static security guarantees for programming languages”

on the university's job offers website at


You will be offered a tenure track appointment, for an assignment of 1 FTE, for 5 years, with eligibility for tenure in the rank of associate professor (or higher) by the end of this initial period, with planned starting date 01/02/2022. 

The deadline for applying is September 6th, 2021. Applications should reach us through the website. The person to contact for further information is:

	Prof. dr. Wolfgang De Meuter
	at Wolfgang.De.Meuter at vub.be or on +02/2629.34.81.

** Position description ** 

Education and Research domain:

Static security guarantees for programming languages 


* The teaching load associated with a full-time appointment includes teaching general Computer Science courses at the bachelor’s level as well as specialised, research-related courses at the master’s level;
* The average teaching load after the initial years is four courses of 6 ECTS a year including a specialised course directly related to your expertise;
* For all courses support from teaching assistance is available;
* The exact course list will be negotiated with you, and will depend on your expertise and language skills; 


* You will reinforce the research of the Software Languages Lab (soft.vub.ac.be);
* The lab is active in software language research (e.g. programming languages and DBMS languages) and software engineering research;
* You will be active in the domain of the static aspects of programming languages with a focus on security aspects. This includes designing static type systems (e.g., dependently typed languages), using automated proof assistants (e.g., Coq), writing secure compilers, secure virtual machines, etc.; 


* You will be part of the management structure of the Software Languages Lab, and you are expected to actively contribute to the operational aspects and to the further development of the lab;
* This implies the guidance of PhD and master students, but also starting new projects and applying for funding; 

For this function, our Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Elsene) will serve as your home base. 

** Additional Information **

Applications should be submitted by September 6th, 2021 through

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