[ecoop-info] PhD / Postdoc position available in Software Engineering at U.Siegen, Germany

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Mon Dec 19 08:23:23 CET 2011

The University of Siegen is an innovative and interdisciplinary
university with some 15500 students and 1600 employees, including
1000 researchers. The University of Siegen offers an excellent
study and research environment encompassing humanities and social
sciences, economics, science and engineering and numerous
interdisciplinary research projects.

The Software Engineering Group at the Department of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science in the Faculty of Science and
Technology offers one

   Full-time Position (Pay grade 13 TV-L)

for a period of four years with the option for a further
extension. The effective gross salary (before and social insurance
contributions) depends on several factors and is likely to be
between 45000 and 50000 Euro p.a.

The Software Engineering Group is a leading research group in the
area of difference tools for software models (in the UML and other
languages) and has developed a differencing framework known as
SiDiff (http://www.sidiff.org), which is being used as a basis of
several research and development projects.

Your Responsibilities:

(a) Contribution to the further development of the SiDiff kernel
and to the research and development projects of the Software
Engineering Group

(b) Teaching duties of 4 contact hours per week (which causes a
work load of about 30% of the regular working hours)

(c) Further personal qualification: candidates are expected to aim
at a doctoral degree or, in case of post-doc candidates, a
scientific profile required for a professorship.

Your profile:

* excellent scientific degree in computer science (master level),
  e.g. a German scientific Diplom in Informatik or an equivalent
  master's degree

* excellent knowledge about modelling languages, meta modelling,
  model management, differencing and versioning of models; good
  knowledge in any of the following fields would be advantageous:
  model transformation technologies, ontology matching, embedded

* very good practical skills with Java, Eclipse, EMF

* good oral and written English

* the teaching duties require a good command of the German
  language (candidates who do not meet this condition, but who
  have otherwise excellent conditions and who are willing to
  acquire German language skills are invited to address themselves
  informally to the contact person below).

The University of Siegen aims at increasing the number of women in
science and encourages qualified women to apply. Qualified
candidates with disabilities are also invited to apply.

More information about the open position is available from 
Prof. Dr. Udo Kelter
tel. +49-271-740-2611
e-mail: kelter at informatik.uni-siegen.de
web: http://pi.informatik.uni-siegen.de

Information about the University of Siegen is available at the
homepage http://www.uni-siegen.de.

To apply please submit a curriculum vitae, copies of university
certificates / diplomas etc., preferably in electronic form via
e-mail, to

Prof. Dr. Udo Kelter
Department ETI
Fakultät IV
D-57068 Siegen, Germany

Your application must arrive no later than December 28, 2011.

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