[ecoop-info] CfP Workshop on Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems

Alexander Romanovsky alexander.romanovsky at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Mar 27 11:54:58 CEST 2012

Workshop on Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems
in conjunction with CONCUR 2012
September 3, 2012
Call for Papers

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) has recently emerged as a new paradigm of thinking 
about complex systems that tightly integrate multiple, networked computing 
elements (hardware and software) with non-computing physical elements 
such as electrical or mechanical components. CPS research is in a formative phase 
in which concepts are created, subareas formed and foundations defined. 
This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners interested specifically 
in topic of ensuring the trustworthiness of CPS.

Designing a trustworthy CPS is beyond the state of the art because of the complexity 
of the systems whose global properties have to be verified, the dependency on 
off-the-shelf constituent systems, and because of the heterogeneity of the design 
models and disciplines involved (for example, how do you link a software engineer’s 
discrete mathematics with control laws described by a systems engineer, in order 
to gain confidence that their combination will be safe?).

The aim of our workshop is to help develop a community of interest in the science 
and engineering of trustworthy CPS, by which we mean CPS on which reliance can 
justifiably be placed. Topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not 
limited to:

-       Requirements for trustworthy CPS
-       Modelling, simulation and analysis technologies for CPS
-       Rigorous approaches to gaining confidence in CPS
-       CPS architectures for dependability and trust
-       CPS verification and testing
-       CPS safety and security
-       Building-in defences against faults and attacks in CPS
-       Novel interfaces between computing and physical elements
-       Design methodologies and CAD support for implementing CPS
-       Resource usage (including energy-efficiency) in trustworthy CPS
-       Challenge problems and
-       Industry experience in the design and assurance of trustworthy CPS

Workshop Co-chairs
John Fitzgerald (School of CS, Newcastle University)
Terrence Mak (EEE School, Newcastle University)
Alexander Romanovsky (School of CS, Newcastle University)
Alex Yakovlev (EEE School, Newcastle University)

We welcome contributions in the form of papers (max. 7 pages LNCS) describing 
original research, short position papers, and experience reports.  Submissions 
in the pdf format will be sent to Natasha Hebdige <natasha.hebdige at newcastle.ac.uk>
Accepted papers will be published before the workshop as a Technical Report 
of the CS School (Newcastle University, UK).

Key Dates
June 15, 2012                   	Submissions
July 10, 2012                   	Reviews and decisions to authors
September 3, 2012      	Workshop

Workshop web site: 

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