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                       A Joint Program of the
 ICSE Software Engineering Education and Training Track (JSEET) and the
 28th IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training

               Co-located with ICSE 2015 Firenze, Italy

Important Dates
 April 6, 2015 - Early Bird Registration
 May 18 - 19, 2015 - CSEE&T
 May 20 - 21, 2015 - JSEET

Theme - Software Engineering Education and Training: System Thinking and
System Scale

Online Registration - http://2015.icse-conferences.org/registration
CSEE&T Program - https://stardock.cs.virginia.edu/cseet/2015/program.html
JSEET Program - http://2015.icse-conferences.org/program/main-conference

CSEE&T - Monday, May 18, 2015

Session 1 - 09:00 - 10:30

 Keynote: Don Bagert, 2014 Nancy Mead Award Winner
 Title:  The Continuing Challenge of Delivering SE Content to CS Majors

Session 2 - 11:00 - 12:30

 Track 1: In Support of Peer Code Review and Inspection in an
Undergraduate Software Engineering Course: A Case Study
  Saikrishna Sripada, Raghu Reddy and Ashish Sureka
 Track 2: Teaching Software Project Management by Simulation:  Training
Team Leaders for Real World Projects
  Andreas Bollin, Elke Hochmuller and Csaba Szabo

Session 3 - 14:00 - 15:30

 Track 1: Enhancing Student Experience in Team-Based Project Courses
using Essence Reflection Meetings (Workshop)
  Todd Sedano and Cecile Peraire
 Track 2: Continuation of Teaching Software Project Management by
Simulation: Training Team Leaders for Real World Projects
  Andreas Bollin, Elke Hochmuller and Csaba Szabo

Session 4 - 16:00 - 17:30

 Track 1: Continuation of Enhancing Student Experience in Team-Based
Project Courses using Essence Reflection Meetings (Workshop)
  Todd Sedano and Cecile Peraire

CSEE&T - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Session 1 - 09:00 - 10:30

 Keynote: Keynote: Brian Robinson, ABB Research
 Title:  Insights from creating and deploying a large, globally
distributed industrial training program

Session 2 - 11:00 - 12:30

 A workshop on the practical applications of the material being
presented in their JSEET paper: "System Thinking: Educating T-Shaped
Software Engineers".
  Barry Boehm (2015 Nancy Mead Award Winner) & Supannika Koolmanojwong

Session 3 - 14:00 - 15:30

 David Budgen: launch of the SE2015 model curriculum, followed by a
workshop activity looking at the issue of where and how SE2015 goes
beyond the (significantly enlarged) coverage of SE in CS2013, and the
implications of this for SE educators.

Session 4 - 16:00 - 17:30

 Nancy Mead: a workshop part-session on the relationships between SE and
the emerging area of "cyber science", where there is a curriculum
development  project just beginning.

Evening: CSEE&T Banquet. Time and place to be confirmed.

JSEE&T - Wednesday May 20, 2015

Session W2.6 - 11:00 - 12:30 - JSEET : Developing Students' SE Skill

- Evolution of Software Development Strategies
  Katrina Falkner; Claudia Szabo; Rebecca Vivian; Nickolas Falkner,
University of Adelaide, Australia
 - Drawing Insight from Student Perceptions of Reflective Design Learning
  Thomas Wilkins; John Georgas, Northern Arizona University, USA
 - Effectiveness of Persona with Personality Traits on Conceptual Design
  Farshid Anvari; Deborah Richards; Michael Hitchens; Muhammad Ali Babar,
  Macquarie University, Australia; University of Adelaide, Australia

Session W3.5 - 14:00 - 15:30, JSEET Panel

 Nancy Mead, JSEET Panel: Industry/University Collaboration in Software
Engineering Education: Refreshing and Retuning Our Strategie
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Parallel Session W4.5 - 16:00 - 17:30 - JSEET : SE Management and
Processes, and JSEET Posters

 16:00 - 16:30 - Novice Code Understanding Strategies during a Software
Maintenance Assignment
  Claudia Szabo, University of Adelaide, Australia
 16:30 - 17:00 - Learning Global Agile Software Engineering Using
Same-Site and Cross-Site Teams
  Maria Paasivaara; Kelly Blincoe; Casper Lassenius; Daniela Damian;
  Jyoti Sheoran; Francis Harrison; Prashant Chhabra; Aminah Yussuf;
  Veikko Isotalo, Aalto University, Finland; University of Victoria, Canada
 17:00 - 17:30 - Poster Visit
- Code Repurposing as an Assessment Tool
   Joseph Sant, Sheridan College, Canada
- Remote Development and Distance Delivery of Innovative Courses:
Challenges and Opportunities
   Kristina Marasovi; Mike Lutz, Rochester Institute of Technology,
   Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
- Improving Student Group Work with Collaboration Patterns: A Case Study
   Christian Koppe; Marko van Eekelen; Stijn Hoppenbrouwers, HAN University
   of Applied Sciences, Netherlands; Radboud University Nijmegen,
- Teaching Software Systems Thinking at The Open University
   Michel Wermelinger; Jon Hall; Lucia Rapanotti; Leonor Barroca; Magnus
   Arosha Bandara, The Open University, UK
- Masters-Level Software Engineering Education and the Enriched Student
   Jon Hall; Lucia Rapanotti, The Open University, UK
- Combining Mastery Learning with Project-Based Learning in a First
Programming Course: An Experience Report
   Mehdi Jazayeri, University of Lugano, Switzerland
- Collaborative and Cooperative-Learning in Software Engineering Courses
   Neelam Soundarajan; Swaroop Joshi; Rajiv Ramnath, Ohio State
University, USA

Parallel Session W4.6 - 16:00 - 17:30 - JSEET : Case Studies

- Using GSwE2009 for the Evaluation of a Master Degree in Software
Engineering in the Universidad de la Republica
  Lucia Camilloni; Diego Vallespir; Mark Ardis, Universidad de la
  Uruguay; Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
- System Thinking: Educating T-Shaped Software Engineers
  Barry Boehm; Supannika Koolmanojwong Mobasser, University of Southern
  California, USA
- Transparently Teaching in the Context of Game-Based Learning: The Case
of Simules-W
  Elizabeth Suescun Monsalve; Julio Cesar Sampaio Do Prado Leite; Vera
  B. Werneck,PUC-Rio, Brazil; UERJ, Brazil

JSEE&T - Thursday May 21, 2015

Session T2.6 - 11:00 - 12:30 - JSEET : Specialised Domains in SE Education

- Educating Software Engineering Managers - Revisited What Software
Project Managers Need to Know Today
  Lawrence Peters; Ana M. Moreno, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
- Contest Based Learning with Blending Software Engineering and Business
  Noriko Hanakawa, Hannan University, Japan
- Concurrent Software Engineering and Robotics Education
  Jiwon Shin; Andrey Rusakov; Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Session T3.5 - 14:00 - 15:30, Infrastructure Support in SE Education

- The Development of a Dashboard Tool for Visualising Online Teamwork
  Rebecca Vivian; Hamid Tarmazdi; Katrina Falkner; Nickolas Falkner;
  Claudia Szabo, University of Adelaide, Australia
- Software Design Studio: A Practical Example
  Jaejoon Lee; Gerald Kotonya; Jon Whittle; Christopher Bull,
  Lancaster University, UK
- Code Hunt: Experience with Coding Contests at Scale
  Judith Bishop; Nigel Horspool; Tao Xie; Nikolai Tillmann; Jonathan de
- Halleux, Microsoft Research, USA; University of Victoria, Canada;
  of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Parallel Session T4.5 - 16:00 - 17:30 - JSEET : SE Teaching Methods and

- Does outside-in Teaching Improve the Learning of Object Oriented
  Erica Janke; Philipp Brune; Stefan Wagner, Hochschule Neu-Ulm, Germany;
  University of Stuttgart, Germany
- Active and Inductive Learning in Software Engineering Education
  Yvonne Sedelmaier; Dieter Landes, University of Applied Sciences and
  Arts Coburg, Germany
- In Search of the Emotional Design Effect in Programming
  Lassi Haaranen; Petri Ihantola; Juha Sorva; Arto Vihavainen, Aalto
  Finland; Tampere University of Technology, Finland; University of
Helsinki, Finland

Parallel Session T4.6 - 16:00 - 17:30 - JSEET : Experiences and Experiments

- Experiences in Developing and Delivering a Programme of Part-Time
Education in Software and Systems Security
  Andrew Simpson; Andrew Martin; Cas Cremers; Ivan Flechais; Ivan
  Kasper Rasmussen, University of Oxford, UK
- Teaching Software Architecture to Undergraduate Students: An
Experience Report
  Chandan Rupakheti; Stephen Chenoweth, Rose-Hulman Institute of
Technology, USA
- CS/SE Instructors Can Improve Student Writing without Reducing Class
Time Devoted to Technical Content: Experimental Results
  Paul V. Anderson; Sarah Heckman; Mladen Vouk; David Wright; Michael
  Janet E. Burge; Gerald C. Gannod, Elon University, USA; North Carolina
  University, USA; Wesleyan University, USA; Miami University, USA


JSEET Program Chairs
Tony Cowling, The University of Sheffield, UK
Ivica Crnkovic, Malardalen University, Sweden

CSEET General Chair
Tony Cowling, The University of Sheffield, UK
Rich LeBlanc, Seattle University, USA

Supannika Koolmanojwong, University of Southern California, USA
Hironori Washizaki, Waseda University, Japan

Mark Sherriff, University of Virginia, USA

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